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Teofimo Lopez is one of the very best boxers on the planet. Only second to Mike Tyson, Teofimo Lopez is the youngest boxer in history to become a 3 division champion (Aged 23). The star boxer is a former unified lightweight world champion, having held the IBF title from 2019 to November 2021, and the WBA (Super), WBO, and The Ring magazine titles from October 2020 until November 2021. He also won the coveted award of Fighter of The Year back in 2020. Teofimo is one of the only fighters to defeat the legendary former P4P #1, Vasiliy Lomachenko and he accomplished the feat at an incredibly young age. He is such a big draw in the boxing world and he is determined to use his platform to empower and inspire. Teofimo also makes it his mission to motivate his audience both in and out of the ring. The coveted boxer can be followed on his Instagram @teofimolopez where he has nearly 1 million followers. The Hype Magazine’s Life & Style correspondent, Charles Myambo (CM) had an interview with Teofimo Lopez (TL). Below are some excerpts from the interview. 


Teofimo Lopez – Former Unified Lightweight Champion


CM: Teofimo, you are one of the most talented boxers the sport of boxing has ever seen. How did you develop into such a prominent boxer at such a young age? 

TL: I developed this talent through my father’s guidance and words of wisdom. The best thing that my father/coach ever instilled in me at such a young age was, “You have to entertain. Be an entertainer when you’re in the ring, you won’t ever starve in life.” 


CM: The “sweet science” (boxing) is one of the most difficult sports there is. Why did you decide to pursue a career in the sport? 

TL: I didn’t. I learned how to fight before I could walk, lol. 


CM: The “Takeover” has become a beloved moniker of the sport. What was the creative process behind that particular name?

TL: Back in 2017, it was just one of those moments where I was with my oldest sister and we were talking about how I was going to takeover the world and everything in it. We put the words together and “The Takeover” was born! 


CM: 2020 was truly the year of the “Takeover”! You manifested something that most people thought would be impossible for any boxer as you handily defeated the legendary Vasiliy Lomachenko. Walk us through the preparation that preceded such an iconic victory. 

TL: We always aim high and like to challenge ourselves in many ways. Facing and defeating Lomachenko took us a total of 11 weeks of hardcore training and a well thought out game plan that was created by my Coach Teofimo Sr. 


CM: Fame and success attracts people but not always the right people. What was your personal experience when you became mainstream?

TL: My personal experience since becoming mainstream has been to balance fame and success in a harmonious way. It was uncomfortable in the beginning, however I managed with good faith to leverage my success to my advantage rather than my fame. My relationship with fame and success is still an ongoing process.


CM: How important was your family in anchoring your dream to become a pro boxer?

TL: Family is paramount! I wouldn’t be able to focus on my craft without everyone playing their part in this. I’m blessed to have my family work behind the scenes and cover all aspects of being a professional athlete.


CM: I personally believe you have the makings of a future P4P #1. What can we as boxing fans expect from you in the coming years both in terms of boxing and personal ventures/brands?

TL: The one thing I can promise everyone is you will be entertained. I plan to leave my mark in the sport of boxing, however I plan to empower the new generation to not fall in the same traps I did that are designed to takedown these young athletes.
As for my personal ventures/brands, I look forward to working with great minds who challenge change and elevate our communities in a positive way. It’s a necessity to create generational wealth.


Teofimo “Takeover” Lopez


Remember to tune in and support Teofimo in his upcoming bout VS Jose Pedraza (December 10, 2022) 


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