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The highly anticipated sequel to Warzone is finally here! Warzone 2.0 has hit the ground running and fans are loving it so far. This new evolution in Warzone’s hit Battle Royale gameplay is an adrenaline-filled experience, to say the least.

And one of the most notable changes in this title from the last is the roster of brand-new vehicles, as well as the difference in depth compared to the last game. Today, we’ll list off all of the vehicles in Warzone 2.0 as well as explain how they work. Let’s get to work!

All Vehicles Available in Warzone 2.0 and How They Work

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Image via Activision
  • ATV: Fast, and has the ability to hold up to 3 squad mates, though has no cover.
  • UTV: A lightweight rover that holds 4 and can handle any terrain thrown at it.
  • Hatchback: A standard 4-seater civilian vehicle, only good for a last-minute getaway.
  • SUV (Standard): A bigger, 4-seater civilian vehicle with better bullet coverage.
  • GMC Hummer EV: Off-road super-truck with a quiet electric engine for covert operations.
  • Cargo Truck: A large truck with a flatbed, perfect for big moves in gameplay.
  • Light Helo: This is a lightweight heli with combat support as well as the ability to move as agile as needed.
  • Heavy Chopper: A bigger, heavily armored helicopter for the more dire moments of combat.
  • RHIB: A tactical boat made to get in and get out covertly.
  • Armored Patrol Boat: This boat brings the big guns (literally) with .50 Cal support guns attached.

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When it comes to using vehicles in Warzone 2.0, the important thing to keep in mind is that driving them will not yield unlimited fuel as in the last Warzone game. Vehicles will run out of gas, so be sure to fuel them up frequently with gas cans you find or at gas stations located throughout Al Mazrah.

These gas stations will also repair the vehicles for you as well. Even boats can get this 5-star treatment as well, because of the fact that some gas stations are located on waterfronts. In addition to the gas stations repairing your vehicles and their tires, you can replace tires on your vehicles manually by interacting with them and repairing them yourself.

Well, there you have it! You’ve got the list of every vehicle in-game, as well as what you’ll need to keep an eye on when using them. Be sure to check out our other great Warzone 2.0 guides too, like “How to Fix CoD Warzone 2.0 ‘We Need Permission to Continue’ Error in Battle.Net”.

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