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Jamil Abbas, best known as “A-Star” is a globally renowned musician hailing from the beautiful nation of Ghana. His unique ability to create scintillating “Afro Dance” music propelled him into the mainstream. During the course of his stellar career, A-Star has managed to receive numerous awards while also featuring on several prominent music charts. Some of his viral hit tracks such as “Balaya” and “Kupe” have garnered global attention in such an unprecedented way. His infectious music and authentic sound culminated in him being widely regarded as the “king of Afro Dance”. The Hype Magazine’s Life & Style correspondent, Charles Myambo (CM) had an interview with A-Star (AS). Below are some excerpts from the interview. 


Ghanian Superstar – “A-Star”


CM: You are one of Africa’s most coveted artists today. How would you describe your journey from being relatively unknown to becoming mainstream?

AS: I’ll be honest, there has been many ups and downs on my musical journey, and I’ve overcome a lot of challenges on this 10+ year marathon. Part of the rise on the music scene can be attributed to my unique marketing strategy and authentic sound. I decided to go into uncharted territory which is why I am the self-proclaimed King of Afro Dance. I can never forget my fans; they are instrumental to my success because they’ve followed me throughout the different types of music I have tried. Through the combination of what I did and the loyalty of the fans, i’ve become the success I am today.


CM: Your hit tracks “Kupe” and “Balaya” sent the whole world into a frenzy when they dropped a few years ago. What was the creative process behind these mega hits?

AS: My thought process begins with wanting to make infectious music. The type of music that moves people from the jump. Both hits came from the organic link up with my sound engineer and producer Bobbi Zion. We worked collaboratively with the producers E.Double.B, Moris Beat and Chris from France to create and capture some magical moments which the world recognizes as those hits. I felt like I wanted to push the boundaries in a way I’ve never pushed them before and those were the results. 


CM: “A-Star Papermaker” is quite the eye-catching name. Could you break down the meaning behind the name and why you thought the name would be aligned with your music?

AS: I genuinely didn’t think it would align with my music. It was a name derived from where I come from and where money making is everyone’s priority. I simply adopted a name that reflected what people were doing in my environment and it just stuck with me. 


CM: You have become synonymous with the reaction videos you do of your fans reacting to your music videos. How have you established such a strong bond with your fans?

AS: One of the main forms has come through the power of social media. Being able to interact with them on socials, showing them love in the same way that they show me love is a big part of why they keep sending me content and also why I call my fans superstars. I like to shine a spotlight on them in the same way they have done for me over the years. Travelling all over the world and feeling their energy keeps that bond strong too. 


CM: How would you describe the impact of social media in your music career and in the music industry in general?

AS: I’d say its very important and is most definitely my main marketing tool. It’s the bridge between me and my superstars as it allows me to consistently connect with them directly without really needing a middleman. I think thats one of the most important things for an independent artist and any artist in general. 


CM: What are some of the biggest life changes you experienced after garnering worldwide fame and accolades?

AS: One of the biggest and most surreal was being on billboards in my hometown. I went from uploading my content on YouTube to winning YouTube awards too, and I see it as the power of great music. My music has taken me on tour around the world, allowing me to meet a lot of amazing people and connect with my fans. I’m so grateful I’m in the position to pursue my career full time as an independent artist. There is no better feeling. 


CM: You proudly embrace African rhythm, beats and dances. Why is it so important to you to represent your country and continent in all your songs?

AS: I’m fortunate enough to have had an upbringing in a Ghanaian household with both parents who provided a solid foundation for me. They provided me with the connection to my roots back home and I will forever cherish that. Africa is a fundamental part of who I am, it’s the fabric of A-Star, it’s what made me and what will continue to propel me, so it will naturally show itself through my music.


A- Star Tracks. 


  • A-Star – “Kupe” (38M Views) 



  • A-Star – “Balaya” (14M Views) 



King of Afro Dance – “A-Star”

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