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Thelumusa Samuel Owen, best known as “Tellaman” is one of the most talented artists in Africa. He is profoundly respected and adored in his native land of South Africa. His music prowess has truly captivated several young Africans and compelled more people to listen to South African music. Tellaman was the mastermind behind the massive collaborative track known as “Whipped” which featured Shekhinah and Nasty_C. At present, Tellaman is working on his second full album which is expected to set the music industry ablaze. The Hype Magazine’s Life & Style correspondent, Charles Myambo (CM) had an interview with Tellaman (TL). Below are some excerpts from the interview. 


Award Winning Vocalist – “Tellaman”


CM: You have truly established yourself as one of South Africa’s greatest musicians alive. How much effort and sacrifices were needed to  make your success possible?

TL: As a self taught musician it took almost everything I had to get to where I am. I sacrificed spending most of my time with family and friends. I had to leave everything and everyone I knew and go to a different city without help from my family.


CM: What inspired you to pursue a career in music and what steps did you take to make it all happen?

TL: I was chilling with a friend who was working on a beat with someone and they were struggling with the bass line. I helped out and that’s how I started making music. I started with making beats for other artists, then from there I learned recording and mixing.  From there I met a guy called Pascal from Amsterdam who introduced me to Soul Candi and that’s how I got my start in the industry.


CM: Your urban flow and sound are extremely unique and refreshing. How did you manage to establish your own “sound”?

TL: I think it’s from listening and trying different styles of music. And being from South Africa kind of adds to that because of the culture, language and music from home.


CM: Besides music, what are some of your other passions or aspirations?

TL: I’d be in the film and photography industry as a colorist. I love how you can change the mood and feeling just by color grading.


CM: How much has life changed since becoming famous and prominent?

TL: It has changed a lot, It’s not as normal and quiet as it used to. I’m trying my best to enjoy my life outside of the industry because that’s real.


CM: Your career has been filled with several great accomplishments. Could you kindly outline some of the most important songs, albums and/or performances in your career thus far?

TL: Producing and writing one of the biggest songs in the country “Whipped ft Shekhinah and Nasty_C” especially in SA where RnB doesn’t have a big following.


CM: What are some of the most difficult challenges you have encountered in your life journey and how did you overcome them?

TL: I come from a poor background and a very dangerous place in Durban. When I was about 16 my big brother was killed in my house and nobody got arrested or held accountable, and that made me realize that we’re not safe anywhere even in your home. Making music helped me a lot because whenever I was making music I forgot about everything negative that was going on in my life and it helped me stay away from the wrong crowd. 


CM: What can we look forward to from you next?

TL: I’m working on my second album so that’s what I’m focused on right now. 


  • Tellaman – Whipped ft Shekhinah & Nasty_C (8M Views) 




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