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HOT 97’s DJ Magic, known for his annual car show and DJing for celebrities such as Mase and Fivio Foreign, is now launching his newest product Magic Elite Shine. The products are the tire shine and wheel cleaner.

The Magic Elite Tire Shine serves as a conditioner for the tires and provides a long-lasting glow to make them look like they’re newly bought. There will be a Magic Elite Shine Applicator that comes with the tire shine product. The Magic Elite Shine Applicator reduces wet tire splashing on your car after use, provides long-term pro tire treatment, and will help save some of the Tire Shine product for future use. The Magic Elite Wheel Cleaner serves as a protectant of the wheel powder coating and removes dirt, grit, and brake dust from the wheel.

DJ Magic is known to be a car enthusiast as he hosts annual auto shows every summer in New York City and provides community outreach through his annual breast cancer ride out and school supply drive.

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