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Mining is one of the key aspects of playing Dwarf Fortress. Not only does mining help explore new materials like stones and gems, it helps players find adequate supplies for surviving in the game and building infrastructures to grow.

While some materials are great for building houses, others are good for crafting weapons and armors. In this guide, we will go over bronze. We will discuss how to mine and use it to craft weapons and armors.

Dwarf Fortress Mining Guide to Bronze – All Equipment and Weapons

Bronze is an alloy of tin and copper. The composition is majorly copper, making it a highly malleable material in the game. It has close similarities to iron.

Instead of mining bronze directly, we can make it at a Smelter or Magma Smelter.

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We can make bronze using any of the following recipes:

  • Using ores — 1 Cassiterite + 1 (Native copper, Malachite or Tetrahedrite). This will give us eight Bronze bars
  • Using bars — 1 Tin bar + 1 Copper bar. This will give us only two Bronze bars

Use of Bronze in Dwarf Fortress

We can use bronze to build furniture. However, it is mainly used to forge weapons and armor. Weapons including Battle Axe, Short Sword, Spear, War Hammer, and more. Players can make armors for various body parts, including Buckler, Shield, Boots, Head gears, Vests, and more.

All weapons and armors can use bronze has its primary material in the game.

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