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“Blerd Bash”, formerly known as the “Throw Down Party Tour” is a day-long celebration of urban nerd culture. These events are hosted as a tour around the country and provide us with an opportunity to connect with our community in a meaningful way through a festive and memorable experience.

Common Activities

Please keep in mind every event is different
Cosplay Dance Party
Cosplay Contest
Live Music Showcase
Live Hip-Hop DJ
Food & Drinks
Video and/or Party Games

Want to Be Involved?

We have opportunities for sponsors, vendors, performers, volunteers, media/press, and food & beverage providers. We have a single form for all applications which you can access by clicking Apply Now.


Title Sponsor

Interested in being a sponsor?

The enthusiastic and supportive community that we have passionately cultivated since 2018 offers a wonderful opportunity for brands of all sizes to better connect with the urban millennial demographic. Sponsorship opportunities extend far outside of our Blerd Bash party tour as we have built a robust platform with many points of engagement with our community.

As a media, marketing, and creative agency, we take our clients’ success very seriously. Not only will we build a custom strategy that suits your business goals and ensures a favorable ROI, but we’ll also provide professional, high-quality service with our in-house design and production team. From conception to execution, we are committed to ensuring our relationship is as rewarding for your brand as possible.

After you fill out a sponsorship application, a dedicated account manager will reach out with a sponsorship deck for the event(s) you have expressed interest in (this also includes information about sponsoring multiple events on the tour and our organization as a whole). From there, we’ll arrange an introductory and assessment meeting so we can better understand your goals.

Past Sponsors


Our events off a great opportunity to display, promote, and sell products and services to a relevant and highly engaged audience.

Apply to be a Vendor or continue reading for more information

Application Process

  1. Submit an event application. You should receive a response within 3-5 business days.
  2. If you are deemed a good fit for our event, you will receive an email containing our vendor information package which details pricing, booth options, and other promotional options.
  3. We encourage first-time vendors to schedule an appointment to meet with us briefly (30 minutes) so we can understand your business, better introduce ourselves, set expectations about the event, answer any questions you have, guide you on what vending option is best for you, and better understand how we can support you before, during, and after our event.
  4. Once you have confirmed you would like to move forward and have decided on your vendor package, we will send an invoice and an agreement. The agreement helps to keep both parties responsible and understanding of their responsibilities. It’s filled with a ton of useful information such as set-up time, venue contact information, social media guidance, cancellation policy, etc.
  5. In order to secure your spot, we require 50% of the invoice to be paid upfront and the agreement signed and returned. The remaining balance can be due closer to the event.


Vendor booth pricing is determined on a per-event basis and is impacted by a variety of variable factors including booth size, booth location, equipment rental, shift/duration of vending time, and more. All information will be laid out in the vendor information packet you receive if your application is approved.

We are sometimes able to offer the following discounts:

  • Repeat vendors, sponsors, and performers
  • Early bird payment
  • Non-profit organizations

Booth Details

While every event is different and depends on the venue and how much space we are working with, below are typical vendor booth configurations we offer:

  • Indoor 10×5 – This is typical size you would see in an “artist alley”. Great for smaller setups.
  • Indoor 10×10 – This is a standard convention booth.
  • Indoor 20×5
  • Indoor 20×10
  • Indoor 30×10
  • Outdoor 10×10
  • Outdoor food truck or mobile store

Equipment: To make our packages as affordable as possible, booths are typically BYOT (bring your own table, chairs, and linens). However. we do have the option to provide these for a small rental fee. There is no pipe and drape separating booths.

Power and wifi: Because the floor plan and amenities for each venue is different, booths are typically without power and require a special request for us to accommodate you. Accommodation is not guaranteed. Information about power and wifi requests will be included in the vendor information packet for event(s) you have expressed interest in.

Cancellation Policy

We ask that you notify us as soon as possible if you have to cancel. The 50% initial deposit to secure your spot is non-refundable because your spot has likely taken away the opportunity from someone else to participate. In some instances, we also produce print and digital marketing material such as flyers and digital slides that have an associated cost of material and labor.

Once the date has fallen within a certain timeframe of the event, any remaining balance you might’ve paid will also become non-refundable due to the severe inconvenience and harm the cancellation will cause the event. In this case, you may be barred from participating in any future events we host, co-host or sponsor.

Please see the cancellation policy in your agreement and understand the terms before signing. Please ask us any questions if you are unclear what anything means.


We have a variety of add-ons and a la carte promotional options you can add on to your package. These options are even available if you are unable to attend the event. Ask about getting a placement in our swag bag as well as our other add-on options.


Our events offer a great opportunity for hip-hop artists to grow their audience.

Apply to perform or continue reading for more information

Eligibility & Background

We are specifically looking for hip-hop/rap artists that would like to perform their original music.

Selection criteria:

  • Quality of music
  • Alignment of music with our brand (themes and references of anime and gaming a plus, also known as “nerdcore hip-hop”)
  • Performers local to the area or that have a strong local following
  • Social media following and engagement
  • Live performance experience
  • Demonstrated history of promoting events, campaigns, and projects

Application Process

  1. Submit an event application.
  2. Please note that to be considered for performance, you must show proof of ticket purchase to the event. Once you have purchased your ticket, you will receive an email directly Eventbrite confirming your order. Please take a screenshot of this email where the name and date of the event, along with your first and last name are visible. Upload this screenshot to the application where indicated.
  3. Applications are not always reviewed as they come in. Typically, all applications are collected and then reviewed within the final three (3) week prior to the event.
  4. Due to the volume of applications we receive, we are unable to respond to all applicants. If you do not receive a response back within the final three (3) weeks prior to the event, you can safely assume you were not selected to perform.
  5. If you are selected to perform, you will be sent a performance agreement. This agreement contains vital information such as event start and end times, soundcheck time, social media posting guidance, etc.
  6. Your performance (if selected) is not confirmed until the agreement is signed and returned. Once that is complete, you will receive promotional graphics you can use to share on your social media channels.

Media & Press

We are happy to work closely with media and press outlets and as such, we have developed a Media Partner Program designed to be beneficial for both parties.

Apply to be a Media Partner


As a small team, we welcome all of the support we can get to put on our events. We appreciate your interest in being a volunteer and your willingness to give your time to better our event.

Apply to be a Volunteer

Food & Beverage

Food and beverages (F&B) including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served at every event. In some instances, we are required by the venue to use their in-house catering and bar services. As such, it is not always guaranteed that we will be able to accommodate outside F&B providers. In most instances, we cannot guarantee the availability of a prep kitchen.


Examples of F&B Providers

  • Icee / margarita makers (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
  • Infused treats (depending on state laws)
  • Food trucks serving entrees, desserts, and snacks
  • Mobile bartenders (themed drinks a plus!)

Become a F&B Service Provider

  • First, check out each event in the tour schedule. On each page, we will have a dedicated line that addresses whether or not outside F&B is allowed.
  • If outside F&B is allowed for the event you are interested in, please fill out our event application. If you are approved, an account manager will reach out to you about pricing and the next steps.
  • To ensure the greatest success for our F&B providers, we limit the number of the same type of providers or cuisines we accept.

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