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Exercise, my general, and eternal to-do list item. I’ve never been “fit” in reality, other than being fit for a third round of ice cream, or for a hot dog eating contest. But whatever, 2023 is a new year and with that comes new year resolutions, so hopefully this year is the one that I can finally cross that item off my list. Anyway, what does this have to do with Goat Simulator 3? Well, you are going to find out soon enough. Here is the Fit for the Cross guide. Let’s get moving.

Fit for the Cross Guide

So, basically the lesson to be learned in this mission is that while people go to church and in some ways try to grow in spirit, it is essential that they also drive a healthy life. As a sentient goat with chaos tendencies, you cannot take “no” as an answer to a better way of living. So, in order to make sure that all the parishioners accept your call to redemption, you are going to want to lick and take 4 of them to the treadmills that are located inside the Church. If you forgot, it is located in the same place where you finished the Pay Respect quest.

Once you drive four people or ghosts if you headbutt some tombstones, then you will complete the Fit for the Cross quest. Once you do, you will unlock the energy drink car. You’ve gotta love the non sequitur rewards in this game.

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If only there was an apocalyptic inducing goat that could force me to run on the treadmill, I really could lose some extra pounds. In the meantime, enjoy spreading the healthy life while being a goat and enjoy your energy drink means of transportation.

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