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The amount of influence anime have in Roblox games is quite outstanding. Yet again, I’m always impressed by the amount of Roblox games that one specific anime have inspired. That is, One Piece. Today, we will talk about Project New World, facing marines against pirates in a battle worth of a few thousand hand drawn episode series. But before you can use all of your anime skills, you are going to want them trained. Here is how to get all trainers in Project New World.

How to Get All Trainers in Project New World

Trainers are located across all islands in Project New World, so be sure to prepare yourself for quite a journey. The following list will guide you on your way to figure out how to get all trainers in Project New World. In fact, they are in order of appearance, or in an ascending requirement order for you to unlock them at its due time. Remember to save up on money because these skills are going to cost you! After all, trainers have families to support, you know.

All Trainers in Project New World

Trainer How to Get Price
Sky Walk Located at Tall Structures Island, west of the Starter Island. Enter the black pillar by going through an invisible wall in the first tall structure. Interact with the trainer to get the skill. Return when you reach level 500, ascend the tall stairs inside the pillars using the skill and get Sky Walk’s second level. Skill allows you to jump much higher. 20,000
100,000 (2nd level)
Flash Step Located in Buggy Island, north of Starter Island. The trainer is located at the eastern part of the island, standing next to a red chest. Interact with the trainer to purchase the skill. Once evolved enough, you will be able to use this skill to teleport across any island. 50,000
Buso Haki Located in Logue Island, at the north-east of Buggy Island. Level 350 required to acquire the skill. Once in Logue Island, the trainer is located on the western shore on top of a floating platform. This skill enables you to create a defensive shield, making you invulnerable to all threats (physical or magical). 100,000
Observation Haki Located in Marin Island, north from Buggy Island, past Monkey Island. Level 500 required. Trainer is found in the western part of the island, near one of the houses. This skill will provide you with the ability to predict enemy movements for you to prepare your next strike. 150,000
Conqueror’s Haki Located in Fire Fist Island, in the northernmost part of the map. Level 900 required. You can find the trainer at the docks, on top of the top pillar. The trainer will give you the ability to deal a very powerful AoE attack that stuns all enemies. 1,000,000

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Be sure to visit all islands to unlock all the skills the trainers will be able to give you, given you have the level and money necessary. Being a trainer surely pays off! Anyway, good luck with those skills and make sure to get the best out of them.

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