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This is part 2. So after another hiatus I decided to do a let’s play for Super Mario 3D World. This is my 1st time have a guest star help me with a full let’s play as well, and that’s my childhood friend James AKA Veoo Peoof. Super Mario 3D World is 1 of the most refreshing titles in the Super Mario Bros. library of games. It instantly immerses you into unfamiliar terrain with it’s vibrant textures and 3d schematics. Most noticeable change in Super Mario 3D World is the 60 frames per second, which is utilized thanks to the Wii U’s newly introduced hardware. The new suits featured in 3D World are very creative, there were instances where you would need the cat suit just to get to certain areas you wouldn’t be able to get to if you had a different power up. Bowser seems to be up to his devious schemes yet again, but instead of kidnapping the princess he takes these fairies instead. It’s up to Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad to save the day. Super Mario 3D World is probably the most successful title on the Wii U, it’s videos are pulling in all kinds of views till this day because of how innovative it is.

I really hope you enjoy my video segment Black Guys Play for Super Mario 3D World, me and Veoo Peoof had so much fun being ourselves and sharing our laughter with you guys. Super Mario 3D World is the 1st Mario game I’ve beaten in the 2000’s and it’s revamped my interest for newer titles down the line and that’s including the upcoming Super Mario Maker. Depending on how good this Let’s Play/ Playthrough goes I will definitely return to play more of these games for you guys. Super Mario 3D World and all it’s visuals and properties are owned by Nintendo and 1-Up Studios. The game is the 4th top selling title for the Wii U and has sold over 4 millions copies worldwide.

Published By: Nintendo
Developed By: Nintendo EAD Tokyo
Platforms: Nintendo Wii U
Release Date: November 29, 2013

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