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Last summer, NYPD 72nd Precinct Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez filed an aggravated harassment complaint against rapper 50 Cent after 50, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, aimed criticism at him on Instagram.

According to the New York Daily News, 50 was commenting on a lawsuit that alleged that Gonzalez had a part in shaking down the owner of one of 50’s favorite hangouts, the Love and Lust club, in Sunset Park. In his comments, 50 wrote “get the strap,” which is slang for “get a gun,” and Gonzalez took that as a threat.A month later, during roll call, Gonzalez told a squad room full of officers that if they saw the rapper at a police-sanctioned boxing event, they should shoot him on sight. Sources told the Daily News that at least eight police officers and one supervisor confirmed that Gonzalez made the remark.

Additionally, an officer who was disturbed by Gonzalez’s comment sent a text to other Sunset Park officers that said, “The inspector just said at roll call if u see Kurtis Jackson (aka 50cent) shoot on site [sic]… I’m like wtf.”

Word of Gonzalez’s remarks worked its way up the chain of command and resulted in an investigation by the Internal Affairs Bureau.

That case has now been closed with no charges filed against Gonzalez because IAB “couldn’t prove any malice or intent behind the statement,” according to the Daily News.

A spokeswoman for the department confirmed that the case had been closed, and said: “This allegation was unsubstantiated and closed.”

How is it that every little thing can make a cop “reasonably” fear for his life, but when a commanding officer tells his patrolmen to shoot someone on sight, it’s a “joke” and “not an actual threat”?

50 Cent responded to the news by calling the NYPD “the toughest gang in New York,” according to NBC.

“I knew they were not going to do anything about this, so I stopped talking about it. NYPD is hands down the toughest gang in New York,” the rapper and Power actor wrote on social media.

We feel you, Curtis. This is crazy!

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