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This video features all the CG Cutscenes from Dragon Ball Heroes. Since not that much is known about this game throughout the Dragon Ball Z fanbase I thought it would be cool to come up with an awesome assortment of clips and stitch them together into 1 kickass cutscenes video. DB Heroes is an arcade/ card game that’s exclusive to Japan only with a 3DS ported version of the game. It features a ton of different characters never seen in DBZ manga or anime canon such as the infamous SSJ4 Gohan and SSJ3 Bardock who’s been revealed in the latest Jakkaryu Mission 4. Note that non of the characters that are seen in Dragon Ball Heroes are canon, they strictly serve their purpose as cards that can be used to gain an advantage over the competitive CPU.

Dragon Ball Heroes is still in it’s early development stages meaning that this is an early build and DIMPS still has time for refinement and optimization. Now the 1st thing that I noticed right off the bat at the showcasing of Dragon Ball Heroes was that the video game testers didn’t seem to be playing on the next generation consoles. When I zoomed in on the footage I noticed that they were using last generation controllers that being the Playstation 3 controller. I’m not sure if this was a controller of preference or if they were uncomfortable playing on the PS4 or Xbox One controller. All I can say is that this doesn’t take anything away from the overall visual representation of Heroes, this is still an early build of the game.

Developed By: Dimps
Published By: Namco Bandai Entertainment
Release Date: November 11, 2010
Platform: Nintendo DS, Arcade

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