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Yo! What’s going on DBZ enthusiasts? This is your boy Rbg back with another analogy/discussion video and since this topic has been trending within the DBZ community I thought I’d give my thoughts on it. And that revolves around the future of a once prominant character in the series, Gohan. Now I know I’m pretty late with this but I’m gonna somewhat tie this discussion in with the recent ending of the Trunks and Goku Black saga since there were some mixed feelings regarding that conclusion. Now I think I speak for all of the Gohan fans that this nigga has been lost in obscurity since we saw him in the Battle of Gods movie. I mean to be fair since it’s been somewhat retconned into a more fleshed out story in Dragon Super, it’s only been like 65 episodes. But in actuality it’s been,3 going on 4 years since the original Battle of Gods movie came out. Since then he hasn’t done anything except taken down a couple of lackies and that’s it. Some fans might argue that Toriyama has just given up on Gohan and his main priority revolves around Goku and maybe Vegeta. I thought the same thing at 1st but as the series progresses I’m noticing some similar elements that we’ve already seen in DBZ. Since Super is being simulcasted worldwide compared to being released years later outside it’s native region, you can’t refute the fact that we’ve been able to be apart of the conversation this go around. And I can honestly say that Toriyama and the Toei team are listening.

Because we seem to be getting things we’ve asked for in small doses. We’ve gotten the inclusion of Super Saiyan God Vegetto. We’ve also gotten one of the most popular characters, Trunks to come back in 1 of the most talked about anime arcs to date. And is it me or is this series borrowing things from DBZ games like DB Online and Xenoverse? I mean correct me if I’m wrong but I’d say that shard Bulma was looking from in Episode 68 of Dragon Ball Super look like the Time Chasm Crystal Shard from Dragon Xenoverse? This hasn’t been confirmed but I just kinda find it ironic. Even the symbol on the time ring that was issued out by the Supreme Kai Gowasu bares a ressemblance to the symbol the Time Breaks sported in DB Online, Heroes, and Super. But as I said these could all be coincidental. I wouldn’t be surprised if Toriyama already had these concepts and just allowed those games to use them before he decided to make Dragon Ball Super. But anyways, in my opinion and I’m being extremely biased here, Super seems to be going with the same rinse and dry formula as Dragon Ball Z. And by that I mean we seem to be going backwards. Not in terms of story progression though, but in terms of actual character development. If you judge from the series so far not that many things have changed.

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