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Who are the Gods and Kings of the DBZ Universe? And where do they come from? In the world of the living and in the realm of the dead, they are both Champions and Protectors. The Gods and Kings of DBZ rule the universe, but how many are there and what are their rankings? You’ll just have to watch the video. Cue the intro!
There’s no doubt that the world of Dragon Ball Z expands far beyond our imagination. Trying to enter into Akira Toriyama’s mind is like entering into a arbitrary and bizarro world, just because the grass looks green on the other side of the fence, one should still expect the unexpected.
The adventures go from being magical to intergalactical, and there are times where the warriors find themselves fighting not only for the sake of the universe but the sake of the other world. It’s crazy how these unpredictable elements have been nicely woven together because it creates thought and provokes it.
Even if these things are set in the ficticious world of Dragon Ball Z, it harps on the realistic thoughts of man. How does the world work, what’s beyond this point, if politcal powers governs the law of the citizens then who’s over the political powers so on and so forth? Is there a higher being that creates life or is everything just a esoteric cluster fuck?

Some of the shining moments DBZ has going for it are the memorable settings and environments. They’re so well grounded that it feels as though us the viewers know it inside and out, from the looks, to different levels of gravity. It could literally serve as a visual narrative on it’s own. The art directions can almost be numbing in it’s inventiveness.
But works of art have to be created some how, and there just so happen to be top tier levels of celestial beings who dictate not just the different worlds but the universes. We’re aware of the guardians of the different planets but even though they reign over their worlds respectively, there’s a divine power that rules over them.

This leads us to the Kais. The heavenly kings who not only protect the universe but safe gaurd the realm of the dead as well. The original name of their race is the Shin-jin, also known as the God People. Essentially they’re the all knowing beings who play a specific role in protecting their own repesctive quadrent of the universe. These being have a lifespan of roughly around 75,000 years and are considered the precursors of the Dragon Ball Z world.

Posted on January 27, 2016 by H.A.G Entertainment

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