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Dragon Ball Super so we’re back at it again and today we’re discussing if Gohan will be entering into the tournament since in episode 27 we’ve seen him ask Piccolo to consider training him once again. So the question remains is will Toriyama give the fans what they want and revive Gohan back to his former self and make him relevant again. It’s been years since Gohan has been a main factor and fans have been wondering if he’ll get his moment of shine besides Goku and Vegeta. If he does get his moment of glory will he achieve god status, if any fellow DBZ heads have been following the manga you have a lot to be excited about. In less than 24 hours we’ve received an overabundance of info, from the newly announced project fusion title that’s being released on the 3DS, to the leaked manga chapter.

Today’s thesis will be if Gohan will become a Mystic God and this totally hinges on the fact that he could possibly master god ki. So as we know there’s a big tournament currently happening in the Dragon Ball Super Manga between universe 6 and 7. It’s being held between Beerus and his brother Champa for the prize collection of the super dragon balls. The rules state that each universe must have at least 5 warriors each and Piccolo just so happens to be 1 of Beerus’ choices besides Vegeta and Goku. At this point we’re all wondering if Piccolo can even keep up with Goku and Vegeta because they’re on a whole other level with there newly found god ki. It was interesting seeing how this is portrayed differently in the series than in Battle Gods. We get a closer indept take on what it takes to master the god ki. It’s totally different from their standard Super Saiyan God ki. Essentially it a more honed version which requires the user to condense his ki without allowing it to spill from his body like the standard warrior ki does. Goku and Vegeta spent most of their time in a specific chamber made by Whiss to master this technique. So does this mean that anyone can become a god? It’s seems so because it’s not just limited to this random ritual. It’s finally here after so much anticipation we finally have a fresh new continuation of the series we deserve and with fresh new animation. Dragon Ball Super takes 6 months after the Buu saga, the Z warriors are getting their well deserved rest in times of peace. We sort of see that Dragon Ball Super will giving us some slice of life elements this time around. It starts off showing a recap of all the events leading up to the new series and the transformations we’ll witness. Goku seems to be trying to manage work as a father and an actual worker to bring home money to his family. Gohan is having a hard time accepting the fact that he can’t provide for his family like he wants to and has to depend on Videl to help him out. The animation looks so good but I know that this is a small glimpse into what they can reallly do and Dragon Ball Super can only go up from here. So far we’ve seen Beerus in action but no real high octane action that we’re accustomed too. Dragon Ball Super is sure to please, episode 1 has kicked things off to a good start and I can tell that we’ll be getting some Super Saiyan God action in this 1.

Posted on January 19, 2016 by H.A.G Entertainment

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