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So we’ve finally gotten official confirmation of GT characters being in the newest Dragon Ball Xenoverse. For the past couple of months development team Dimps and BandaiNamco have been very evasive when asked if we would see any Grand Tour characters. Now it seems we finally got that answer, in the latest issue of V Jump magazine we got an awesome still shot of Super Saiyan 4 Goku and also two panel shots of GT warrior dishing out a Kamehameha to an unlucky victom.

That particular info was given at this year’s Tokyo Game show along with some more gameplay which I’m gonna be analyzing today.Now as stated before in my previous analogy video from Japan Expo’s coverage this isn’t the build for it. That meaning that there are still things that need to be refined and further optimized such as combos, character animations, hit frames,interactive environments, etc.So we have a bit more information that can keep the hype meter for Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse going, thanks to the leading producer for answering specific questions with some more or less somewhat vague we pretty much no what to look forward to. Mr. Hirano stated that we would be getting a lot of modes, one being the custom character’s mode and another being the story mode. This was a given to be featured in Xenoverse, the one that seems to be getting the most notice was the custom character. I hope this mode will feature awesome in-game cutscenes from the etire Z warrior character roster and utilize the Havoc and Yebis engine to the utmost fullest. And also excited that the original format for the story mode will be there also. No matter how much of a common practice this feature may have become, it’s always good to see how in detail the developers will go with certain moments in Dragon Ball Z history whether it be the action or dialogue.

If this feature were to get tossed aside, it would receive the kiss of death and somewhat hinder Dragon Ball Xenoverse from getting it’s full praise. Hirano also mentioned that Xenoverse would feature local as well as online battle. Choosing if you want to duke it out with a neighborhood friend or have an intergalactic slugfest with the world will be totally up to you the player. The next question asked was what all you could do with the hub worlds that have been shown off in certain scans. And with that Hirano mentioned that your character avatar would be able to visit certain hub worlds filled with others and view their stats to decide whether or not you wanna do battle with them or not. This info real hit home with me because it reminded me so much of White Knight Chronicles, a jrpg that allowed the players to interact with other players online in their created hub worlds and team up and do battle to help you gain certain items. Dragon Ball Xenoverse has a lot riding on it, since the game’s name hints at being something strange or different it’s up to Dimps to bring something different to the table as well. I’m really hoping that this game features a beefy roster full of characters.

dragon ball xenoverse super saiyan 4 goku
“dragon ball xenoverse gt characters confirmed”
Dragon Ball Xenoverse SS4 Goku
Super Saiyan 4 Goku

Posted on October 17, 2014 by H.A.G Entertainment

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