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Dragon Ball Xenoverse Rost, Transformations, Bosses, and music news update. We’ve waited a great deal of time to get more intel on the roster, bosses, character creation features, and music. And now we’re in luck, I’ve taken time to accumulate two interviews from Xenoverse’s leading producer Masayuki Hirano. These interviews were provided by youtube user J-Patrol and the legendary DBZ enthusiast himself, Nostro Treevax. The links to the original videos will be in the description box below. But without further ado, let’s get right into it. 1st and foremost I would like to say that although Masayuki’s translator is speaking English, his native language is still Japanese. It’s difficult having a back and forth conversation when there are a lot of words and concepts that don’t have a direct correlation in Japan. Also keep in mind that the questions given to Hirano are only answered as good as his translator conveys and translates from English to Japanese with the best of his abilities. But I think I’ve managed to get all the intel I needed, I will elaborate on things to keep the hype going.

The 1st question that was asked was if the players could look forward to seeing multiple giant boss battles, since we’ve seen the Great Ape Vegeta. This particular question made hirano and his translator laugh.If this feature were to get tossed aside, it would receive the kiss of death and somewhat hinder Dragon Ball Xenoverse from getting it’s full praise. Hirano also mentioned that Xenoverse would feature local as well as online battle. Choosing if you want to duke it out with a neighborhood friend or have an intergalactic slugfest with the world will be totally up to you the player. The next question asked was what all you could do with the hub worlds that have been shown off in certain scans. And with that Hirano mentioned that your character avatar would be able to visit certain hub worlds filled with others and view their stats to decide whether or not you wanna do battle with them or not. This info real hit home with me because it reminded me so much of White Knight Chronicles, a jrpg that allowed the players to interact with other players online in their created hub worlds and team up and do battle to help you gain certain items. Dragon Ball Xenoverse has a lot riding on it, since the game’s name hints at being something strange or different it’s up to Dimps to bring something different to the table as well. I’m really hoping that this game features a beefy roster full of characters.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Rost , Transformaciones , jefes , y actualización de noticias de la música . Hemos esperado mucho tiempo para conseguir más inteligencia en el roster , jefes, funciones de creación de personaje , y la música. Y ahora que estamos de suerte , me he tomado el tiempo para acumular dos entrevistas de primer productor de Xenoverse Masayuki Hirano . Estas entrevistas fueron proporcionados por el usuario de youtube J – Patrol y los entusiastas de DBZ legendario él mismo, Nostro Treevax . Los enlaces a los videos originales estarán en el cuadro de descripción a continuación. Pero sin más preámbulos, vamos a tener derecho a ella. Primero y ante todo me gustaría decir que, aunque el traductor de Masayuki habla Inglés , su lengua materna sigue siendo japonés. Es difícil tener un ida y vuelta conversación cuando hay una gran cantidad de palabras y conceptos que no tienen una correlación directa en Japón. También hay que tener en cuenta que las preguntas dadas a Hirano sólo se contestan tan bueno como su traductor transmite y traduce del Inglés al Japonés , con la mejor de sus habilidades. Pero creo que me las he arreglado para obtener toda la inteligencia que necesitaba, me extenderé en las cosas para mantener el bombo ir .


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