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This video feature all cutscenes of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 stitched into a movie. First and foremost lemme me say that this isn’t the 1st time I’ve uploaded a Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 cutscene movie. The original all cutscenes movie got taken down for some strange reason because it was mistaken for an actual Marvel Studios film. But hopefully this video will stay active and it will accumulate the same amount of views if more that it got the first go around. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is heavily based off of the Secret and Civil War comic book arc. In this game you’ll have to choose the sides you wanna be on wisely if you want to the story to progress in your favor. All the cutscenes in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 are a huge graphical step above it’s predecessor, the textures are more realistic. I mean that’s not to say that Raven Studios didn’t do a good job on the 1st Marvel Ultimate Alliance though. This 1 just seems to focus more on not only the cinematic cutscenes but the ingame cutscenes as well by allowing the playing to alternate certain scenarios in the main story. Thanks to a giant explosion by the Villain Nitro, the government is up in arms and thinks it’ll be mandatory if the make a hero registration act. This means that the Marvel Heroes will have to hand over all their personal information including their secret identities to the government or be treated as rogue criminals. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 does a good job of making the player think before they make a decision because if you want to stay in good terms with the hero you favor it’s mandatory that you choose wisely. All the cutscenes are action packed and I’ve never seen my favorite heroes go head to head until I got to play Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Captain America leads the charge against the government’s policy while Iron Man assembles a team of heroes and villains to take down Cap’s regime. I would have to say the best cutscene from this game is the ambush scene where Iron Man tries to talk Captain America into signing the peace treaty but he gets denied with a shield to the face. I hope somewhere down the line we can get a sequel to this awesome game and I hope it continues to give out those nail biting moments.

I hope you guys enjoy this Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 all cutscenes movie, it took a lot of time and effort the 1st time I edited it. And this is the last game I recorded from my friend’s PS3 who passed away 4 months ago. It’s been a tough time for me but seeing all these cutscenes movie videos I uploaded from the pass up to now fills in that dark void. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 had a lot of things going for it and it still holds up well till this day being that it’s around 5 years old. You’ll enjoy the strong dialogue and how much of the comic book story they’ve adapted.

All in all it was fun making this cutscenes movie for you guys and if you can please be my guest and give it a LIKE or DISLIKE if you like the video or if you don’t like me for some strange reason. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and all it’s cutscenes are owned by Activision, this video was uploaded to showcase the game’s features to get viewers to buy the game.

Published By: Activision
Developed By: Vicarious Vision
Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PS2, Wii, PSP, Nintendo DS
Release Date: September 15, 2009

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