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So here’s my trailer breakdown & Analysis of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. Wassup YouTube and Comic book enthusiasts out there, this is your boy RBG hitting you guys up with an analysis regarding the the newly released Marvel vs Capcom trailer. So it’s been officially confirmed that Marvel was in fact allowing Capcom to develop the forth installment in the Marvel vs Capcom franchise. So this is big news for the fighting community as well as the Marvel fanbase that have been enjoying the successful slew of MCU movies that have been coming out. I we can all agree that Capcom’s track record hasn’t been that good with the recent releases of fighting games such as Street X Tekken and the somewhat poorly received Street Fighter 5 game that just came out. Both of those game’s hype quickly fizzled out due to certain nerfs and DLC characters that didn’t meet fan’s expectations. So that probobly put a damper on Capcom’s grossing sales. But this new install to M v C could ultimately raise their stock up plenty. And that’s simply because Marvel is such a big property in itself especially with the films and shows nowadays. And it seems like Marvel Studios has pulled more characters into mainstream stardom such as Starlord, Rocket Raccoon, and Ant Man just to name a few.

Now Roket Racoon is by no means a newcomer when it comes to being in a Capcom game as we’ve already seen him in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. But this time since he’s become more widely known from the Guardian of the Galaxy movies and sells a lot of merchandise could mean more casual eyes could be looking at this game from Capcom, compared to the core fighting game fanbase. And I’m just talking about if Capcom and Marvel decide to include Rocket in. You know if he’s generated a big fan base by himself, just imagine the other characters that have grown a bigger fanbase within the MCU. We’re talking big dollar signs for Capcom and Marvel. Now in the previous installment Capcom decided to go with the look and overall aesthetic of the Ultimate Marvel comics books, which is the newest version of super heroes in Marvel comics right now. We saw Iron Man’s appearance was based off of Orsen Card’s Ultimate Iron Man comic series that kicked off in 2005. And we had other character’s like Brian Michael Bendis who wrote the Ultimate Spider-Man comics and pretty much re-invented others such as the Ultimate Fantastic Four and New Avengers. So that somewhat explains why the slapped the Ultimate name on Marvel vs Capcom 3. It’s also good to mention that Marvel Studios decided to utilized certain elements from the Ultimate comic book line and cross polinate some it’s elements with older pre-existing elements that were already established for each Marvel character.

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