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New Blade Movie Teaser Breakdown for Marvel Avengers Phase 4! What’s up guys? RBG here bringing you my breakdown on the newly announced Blade reboot for the MCU. A while back I launched a poll asking if you guys would be interested in me covering comicbook movie news. And a good majority of you all said you’d love if I branched off into this medium of entertainment. So I’m happy to announce that this is my first official Marvel Cinematic Universe related video. And coincidentally enough it’s gonna be about a character who single handedly changed the landscape of live action superhero movies and helped the MCU to be what it is today. Before Marvel Studios became the king of the box office they were struggling to stay affloat financially. So in order to keep from going under they began licensing rights to some of their properties in the form of live action movies. 1 of the first properties they’d license off was Blade. A character that wasn’t really known unless you were an avid comic book reader. And admittedly at the time as a kid I hadn’t really heard of him outside of the 94 Spider-Man Animated series. So as I watched the live action film starring Wesley Snipes it eventually dawned on me that I had seen him in that cartoon. I know that was the case for a lot of 90’s kid back then. Like they probably convinced their parents to let them see the the movie which was rated R because they realized who Blade was based off seeing him in Spider-Man the Animated series. Lemme know if you came to that realization in the comments below. But how ironic is it that this isn’t the first time that Kevin Feige has worked on a Blade movie? If you look at his filmography you can kinda see that he’s been in this game for a long time. And he’s worked as a producer on some of the early Marvel properties that were scattered out to all the big named studios before they came home.

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