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So today it’s time to breakdown the New Spider-Man 2016 PS4 suit and gameplay. Today I’m gonna be giving you a rundown/analysis on the newly announced Spider-Man game that was unveiled at Sony’s E3 Conference yesterday. And man lemme just say it’s a good time to be a Spidey fan. With the great onscreen performance we’ve gotten from Spider-Man after he took his rightful place on the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s roster in Civil War and Kevin Feige giving him the proper treatment his movies deserves; I can honestly say we’re winning. And I know some will agree to disagree but I think we can all say it’s a step in the right direction. Because let’s just face it, some of us have been going through franchise fatigue with all the short lived reboots to the movies and what not. And Spidey hasn’t really been Marvel’s flagship player like he was in his hayday, sort of like how the X-Men aren’t the most popular super hero team and the Avengers have sorta taken the thrown.
It’s been roughly around 2 years since we’ve gotten a Spider-Man title and that’s usually because these games annually come out around the time a new movie is set to hit theaters. Now with that said there was some consistancy with releases for original Spidey games such as Ultimate Spider-Man, Friend or Foe, Web of Shadows, and Edge of Time. Each of those original titles were developed a year apart from the other and they all introduced fresh gameplay elements to compliment their respective stories. Activision has been at the publishing helm of these releases while they were developed by their subsidiary developers Treyarch and Beenox. Treyarch would usually handle the development for the primary console versions of the games while Beenox would mostly handle the PC ports. Eventually Activison would allow Beenox fully development later Spidey titles like Shattered Dimensions, Edge of Shadows, and the movie based Amazing Spider-Man games.

3D Amazing Spider-Man ingame footage by: Mighty Raccoon

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