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Spider-Man 2 Movie Game Still has the Fastest Web Swinging. Whenever I played Spider-Man 2 the movie game I always aimed to reach the highest speed possible. Hell the pizza delivery missions goaded the player to swing as fast as they could. You could just tell that the developers made the game with fast web swinging in mind. And there hasn’t been a Spider-Man game that his come close to Spider-Man 2’s swinging speeds. Not even the most recent Insomniac entrees even come close. Which is totally understandable because if their version of Spidey swung that fast it would lead to building textures and padestrians disappearing. As we know opening world games are constantly loading in data when you explore their expansive maps. So its gonna take some powerful hardware to match Spider-Man 2 the game’s speed without compromising visuals. Here’s hoping Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 supercedes that on the PS5! Til then Spider-Man 2 the game still holds the fastest web swinging speeds.

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