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THANK YOU PLAYSTATION FOR THE REVIEW COPY. Spider-Man PS4 | Miles Morales Playable in future DLC? What’s up guys. This is RBG, hitting you up with another Marvel Spider-Man PS4 related upload. It’s been awhile since I’ve covered this title but after I got to play the latest DLC via a review copy provided by Playstation. I was relatively stoked to give a partial review and talk about a story arc that could potentially make it into future DLC’s. Just gonna flatout say that I thoroughly enjoyed the 1st DLC entitled The Heist. I know there were divisive opinions floating around on whether this particular DLC was worth the 10 dollar price of admission. And in my honest opinion I’d say it barely scratched the surface. Like there was enough content to freshen up my pallette after fully completely the main story and there were a few subtle changes. 1 of the main 1’s being the newer enemy types who provided a harder level of difficulty for players. And the musical scores are sonically interesting. I will say that it somewhat feels like a glorified demo which you know will inevitably end. Because while you have access to all the things you did in the main game it’s limited due to it’s plot. You know that you only have so much time to explore some of the newer elements since it mainly centers around Spider-Man’s former love interest, The Black Cat. You’ll mainly find yourself trying to savore the DLC by pertaking in side missions and fetch quests. But if you’re someone who just wants to see how the latest chapter ends it’ll probably take you an hour at best to complete. This is obviously the thing fans were so indifferent about. While I’m totally fine with the cost of the DLC, others will probably feel that it didn’t warrant the 10 dollar price.

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