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Tekken all cutscenes. So I wanted to comprise a video featuring all the cutscenes of the popular 3D fighter Tekken. This video took a long time to make so I would really appreciate it if you left a like along with your own personal opinion in the comments. Tekken has always been 1 of my all time favorite video games. 1 of the things I love the most is the cutscenes because they tell a lot about the characters. The Mashima’s are the main characters in Tekken so they feature a plethora of cutscenes. I love the way Kazuya and Heihachi go at it and the way their feud has ascended to Jin Kazama who’s become the face of the Tekken franchise. I really hope you guys enjoy all of the cutscenes of Tekken because as I said it took a while for me to comprise them.

0:00 Tekken 1
5:18 Tekken 2
20:15 Tekken 3
33:33 Tekken 4
1:08:12 Tekken 5
1:46:40 Tekken 6


Posted on January 23, 2013 by H.A.G Entertainment

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