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This video consists of the Amazing Spiderman 2 Electro boss fight, I took the liberty of taking all of the scenes that relate to Electro AKA Max Dillon and stitching them into 1 scene. Spiderman has gotten himself in a bind this time around when he accidentally deceives Max Dillon AKA Electro into thinking they are friends. While dealing with intruders in the Oscorp facility he finds Dillon hyeld at gun point and quickly comes to the rescue. Not long after those events unfold the Amazing Spiderman thwarts the notorious King Pin’s plans and discovers that Max Dillon AKA Electro has gone through a complete makeover. He’s no longer Spidey’s eyes and ears anymore, he’s more like an self sufficient energy outlet.

I found this particular boss battle to be one of my favorites in the entire game because this is 1 of the battles we’re looking forward to seeing in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie as well. As expected you have to go air born and swing around the city of New York and avoid being hit by Electro electromagnetic field of energy and dodge flying objects he will use to keep you from stopping him of draining all the energy from the big apple. After you completely destroy his sattelite you begin chasing him and he will then sling electric energy blast your way to keep you from getting too close. I hope you guys enjoy this Amazing Spiderman 2 Electro boss fight I have brought to you because there’s more to come.

Posted on May 1, 2014 by H.A.G Entertainment

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