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The physical and mental duality of fusion, 1 of DBZ’s most efficiant techniques. We’ve seen how powerful it is when 2 rivels join in complete unison but how powerful is it when father and son perform the ritual? You’ll just have to watch the video, cue the intro. In today’s video I wanted to do an analysis on the Potara earring fusion, in the midst of the analogy I’ll segue into a scenario on what if Goku and Gohan succeeded in the Potara fusion. Fusion is a technique that perfectly delineates the physiology and psychology of a new comtemporary being. So far there have been 4 particular versions, such as the Namekian fusion, the fusion dance, absorbtion, and the Potara fusion. I’ve chosen Potara fusion in particualar because of the pivotal impact it made in the final season of Dragon Ball Z. There’s always been a popular argument on the superiority between the potara and the fusion dance. Fans wanna know who possesses more power out of Vegito and Gogeta. This debate to me is subjective because the fact remains that 1 warrior exist in the canonical timeline and 1 doesn’t. But if I am gonna choose between the two rituals I would have to go with the Potara because of it’s well balanced backstory. The fusion dance, which was developed by the Metamorans is said to have tremendous abilities and is super effective depending on the users’ statistics. When performed successfully, the fused warrior has an astounding level of power, far beyond what either fusees would’ve had individually.

The new warrior possesses minute characteristics of the creators and the personality hinges on the maturity of the more dominant fusee. The identities merge along with the original names and they’re covered in the traditional garbs of the Metamorans. Not much is known of the Metamorans or what they actually look, what little info we do have is that Goku met them in the Other World. So the only thing we can theorize is that they’re race met their timely end but because of their important role in the galaxy they were given a pass to keep their bodies. You could also guess that maybe they were a divine race similar to the Kai’s, who’re weren’t bound by the common laws of the living world. As we all know the fusion dance has is faults. The warriors power levels have to be in perfect sync along with the dance ritual. And the two warriors have to be of similar builds and height. What makes this ritual even more daunting is it’s skeptical reaction to certain post transformations.

In essence the fusion has a set time span of 30 minutes but if a transformation demands more energy the time can possibly be reduced by 5 minutes or lower. It kinda makes me wonder what the reaction be like if two Super Saiyan Gods fused into 1. Would the power be too much or would it be the perfect balance of God energy. You can sorta think of the fusion dance as a method used to get things done in a timely manner. The Potara fusion on the other hand can serve that purpose and then some. It seemlessly cross polynates 2 beings into 1 without enforcing to many rules, and manages to balance the their characteristics. A method accidentally performed after a witch and the supreme Kai merged into a rare cross species. Being that the Supreme Kai was at a higher tier than the with he maintained his conscious, he was also able to utilize the witch’s abilties. Unlike the fusion dance the Potara earrings doesn’t penalize the wielders, it perfectly combines the fusee’s genetic compositions.

The power levels can be complex and more unpredictable than the fusion dance but in a warrior such a Vegito’s case, the rise in power is inconceivably drastic. This is due to the fact that Goku and Vegeta share similar biologies, it could also be attributed to them being full blooded Saiyans. Many forget that even in his base form Vegito was more powerful to that of a Super Saiyan 3, when in his Super Saiyan state he easily surpassed Gohan’s ulitmate transformation. It’s only drawback is that the form essentially lasts forever, another fact that hasn’t been raised is that if 2 Saiyans were to fuse during their transformed states it would have an adverse effect causing the newly fused warrior to stay transformed until he ultimately succomes to his body being overly stressed. The idea of Goku and Vegeta fusing together always seemed linear and thread based to me in a sense because if they ultimately were to stay fused forever Vegeta’s quest to surpass Goku would be ruined and Goku’s desire to always test his limits would easily be subdued since Vegito’s power is on another level.

Posted on February 22, 2016 by H.A.G Entertainment

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