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This video features the top 10 Dragon Ball Z facts that are unacknowledged or just go over the fan’s heads. This top 10 DBZ facts list will be different from all the rest because I wanna make something that some fans already know but give a general analysis on them. The top 10 Dragon Ball Z facts will consist of trivia, and also under the radar info so I hope you’re game. The 1st fact revolves heavily around Goten and Trunks and how they’ve seemed to not have aged over the elapsed years. At the beginning of the Buu saga they were 7 and 8 and after the 4 year time skip were 11 and 12 in Battle of Gods. But the 2 little Saiyans remained the same in terms of their appearance and that makes them fact number 10. I believe that all Top 10 Dbz fact videos should provide a good synopsis and a decent visual narrative to keep the viewers engaged. I did my best to give out most crisp visuals and screen by screen presentation so that it would look as good as possible. This top 10 unacknowledged BDZ facts video was very time consuming and my ass hurts from sitting down for the past 24 hours. I hope you guys enjoy this Dragon Ball Z video and if we get a good reception on it there will definitely be more to come in the near future. Some of these facts of DBZ are my biased opinion, especially the last 1 so please don’t take it to heart fif you’re a DBZ purist and your view differs from mine. Like I mentioned earlier I just wanted to make my on top 10 facts about dragon ball z video.

Posted on October 23, 2015 by H.A.G Entertainment

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