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Transformers 5 The Last Knight Cast Robots confirmed and wishlist. My name is RBG AKA the RandomBlackGamer and this is my wishlist of Autobots and Decepticons I wanna see in transformers 5. Ever since Optimus Prime took off into the far reaches of space to fight what we’ll label “the creators,” we’ve all been wondering if the next installment will consist of mostly cybertronians or will they share the silver screen with annoying humans. for all we know the story may just center it’s attention away from our Robo Savior and stay confined to Earth…God Primus help us all. But anyways this list will include Transformers that haven’t been used in the movies and exclude 1’s we’ve already seen because at this point it’s a given that we’ll probably see Bumblebee and Optimus Prime since they’re the flagship players in this franchise and most kids and casuals fans won’t even know anyone other than that. Hell I don’t even know with all the nameslapping on random robots who don’t even remotely resemble their old counterparts. But anyways let’s just get on with the video before the Bayformers cult flag me into oblivion.

1st on the list is lieutenant Prowl, the military proned strategist and goody to shoes. Prowl’s been added to this list because he’s proved to be 1 of the most versitile in any incantation of the Transformers franchise you’ve read or watch. He performs well when under a lot of pressure and is currently 1 of the few Transformers who can combine with others to form Devastator or Optimus Maximus. In most of his iterations he transforms into a sporty police car and his helmet design gives off that traditional Japanese shogan look. He’s featured in the IDW comics based off of the live-action contunity so if he’s added to the roster fans already have a little bit of his backstoy at their leisure. Out of all the versions of Prowl I reaaaaally hope they use 2009’s animated version. That iteration really plays off his Shogan look and I love how subtle he is. He performs a martial art called Circuit-Su and weilds the ability to throw ninja star-like projectiles and he can also make holograms of himself to confuse his enemy.

Posted on June 22, 2016 by H.A.G Entertainment

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