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Transformers The Last Knight info: Bumblebee movie & Transformers One film info and future going forward. What’s up Transformers enthusiasts? This is RBG AKA the RandomBlacker hitting you guys with another Transformers: The Last Knight related video. 1st and foremost I wanna give a big thank you for the love you guys gave my previous video. That video has been getting a lot of shares and it wouldn’t be possible without the supporters and even the haters for the most part. Because I wanna provoke viewers to inform me things I might’ve missed out on even if it comes with insults. Just remember that if you gonna back your claims up with insults, make sure they’re factual because you’ll most likely have your ass handed to you by yours truly. With that said let’s get on to the topic at hand. For today’s video we’re gonna be talking about the Autobot’s second in command Bumblebee and his spin-off solo film. I’ll also be giving my info on the newly announced CG animated Transformers One film and give thoughts on what we may or may not see going forward. So earlier this year in February Paramount announced that they would be expanding the TF Universe and would be releasing 3 movies annually in June. This news came as a big surprised for lovers of the Bay films and people who flatout hate them. I mean let’s be real we can’t deny that we don’t see the big elephant in the room here folks. Ever since TF 2 Revenge of the Fallen suffered a huge blow from that 2008 writer’s strike, the films have never been the same. At least in terms of story. I mean you could argue that the films have only been more successful since then based on the last two films grossing over 1 billion dollars worldwide. But you base it on the domestic grossings you can see an obvious decline in actual interest in the product.

But there’s no need to worry because Paramount see’s this and wants to make sure that they wanna do more than just please the Eastern audience such as China. They’re actually trying to rebuild from the ground up and keep from ostracizing their Western audience. And boy do they really mean business. Paramount and Hasbro have teamed up to bring us a new set of prestegious writers to work on the future Transformers films. Now we pretty much know that Hasbro will always have an involvement with the live action films since it is their product being brought to the silver screen and they’re toy sales hinge on the robots being seen worldwide. But this is a more personal matter for them and Paramount. The writers assigned to these films will have access to Hasbro’s vault of toys, and all the other TF lore you can think of. I’m talking DVD’s, comics, all the works. From there the writers will draw inspirations from all those various sources and culminate them in their expanded Cinematic Universe. Now I dunno about you guys but I would kill to be locked in a room with Transformers toys. There’s gotta be so many prototypes that Hasbro has yet to unveil in that sanctuary they call an office. But this is big news for the future film installments because as we all know the TF Universe is huge. Just covering the Autobots and Decepticon’s story alone would give the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings films a run for their money. At least in terms of length of coarse.

Posted on January 2, 2017 by H.A.G Entertainment

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