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Transformers The Last Knight Cast Robots 2017 update official. What’s up you guys? My name is RBG and welcome to another Transformers The Last Knight update video. I kept you waiting long enough right? I gotta apologize for that but you guys know how I am when it comes to these type of videos. I try to make sure I conjur up as much info as possible and squeeze it into these lengthy videos for you guys. Now I know we got an onslaught of news over the past week regarding the leaked toy images, trailers, and tv spots but I didn’t think it was enough to make a video on it but the 2nd official trailer we got was enough for me to get up off my ass and make a new vid. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make this video about since there’s so much to talk about but I came up with the decision of doing a roster update since we got a slew of characters in the form of toys and onscreen appearances in the various trailers. Most of these i mentioned in my previous robot cast videos but some didn’t have any visuals or scans to give us a general idea of what they look like. But I think it’s safe to say that we have more than enough to get us even more hyped for the TF5 roster. With that said let’s go ahead and get the obvious characters out the way. Since you guys have been bugging me to state the obvious in all of my recent videos I feel it’s time for me to mention the Dinobots & Mini-Dinobots. I mentioned them in my 1st Robot cast video pertaining to TF5 but some of you guys probably haven’t seen that particular video so I’ll mention them again now that we have actual visuals to go along with the info we received last year. We had gotten word that the Dinobot leader/Knight crusador would be back in The Last Knight with a more significant role this time around. For those who remember the events of the previous film the Dinobots just so happened to be the biggest draw of Age of Extinction. But judging from what we saw there was really nothing major added to the characters but a over hyped brief cameo.

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