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Transformers The Last Knight, Megatron and his origins have finally been revealed. Join me as I reveal his epic history. What’s up you guys? My name is RBG and welcome to my new video segment, Transformers Movie Universe History. In a previous episode did a video covering the origins of Optimus Prime and to my surprise that upload got a huge response. As mentioned in the last episode I myself am well aware of the hate the Bay films receive and have to agree that most of it is warranted. But I wanna take you guys on a journey and show you some of the positives this universe has to offer because if we’re gonna be honest there are certain characters in the films that don’t get their just due. Just a heads up if you haven’t seen the movies or read the comic book material used in this video, it will come off a bit spoilerish. So be advised. As promised it’s only right that I do a origin video pertaining to Optimus Prime’s longtime rival, Megatron. Now I have to be completely honest, I’m very disappointed in how Megatron has been written in the movie universe. It started off as something good. In the beginning possessed all the good traits that made him who he was, from his dark vinacular, to his manipulative and cunning personality. I’d say he was 1 of the shining stars in the 1st film because when he stepped on the scene shit got wrecked. But that’s where it stopped. In the films that followed he became nothing more than a secondary attraction that was just there to fill in certain gaps of the plot. He’s sorta just there in a sense. I mean yeah he made an impact by killing Optimus in the second film but that was only for a brief moment. He was nothing more than an errand boy doing someone else’s bidding and it’s been that way in each film. From being a servant to the Fallen, to being punked by Sentinel Prime. Those two particular Primes he’s worked under serve a major purpose in his origins so I’ll give them a pass but I can’t get over the fact that he was a partial servant to humans in Age of Extinction.

As we all are aware Megatron will be making a return in the The Last Knight but we don’t know if this is Galvatron denouncing his ties as KSI and taking on the name again or if the two are separate characters. I heard that his classic G1 voice actor Frank Welker would be reprising his role as Megatron for the 1st time in the live action films so I’m willing to bet they’re 1 in the same. I mean Frank did voice Galvatron in Age of Extinction so it’s a no brainer. But what do you guys think about this origin story? Did you find it interesting? Does it help you appreciate the expanded universe that the Bay films have presented? Let me know in the comment section below. As always I ask that you Like or Dislike the video. It doesn’t have to be a thumbs up, it can be a thumbs down Any feedback is good feedback and will only help improve the channel. And if you’re interested in more in more Transformers History videos like this 1, or Transformers videos in general, subscribe to the channel and follow me on twitter. And to get a confirmation that you’ve watched the video in it’s entirety follow your comments up with hashtag till all gamers are 1. I just wanna say thank you to the notification squad who comes through and supports these videos.

I really hope that you guys enjoy this Transformers The Last Knight – “Megatron’s Origin story/History Explained” video that I have provided, going back and rewatching some of the scenes brought back so much nostalgia. The Megatron vs Optimus fight was the most epic battles but the death scene of Optimus will be the most memorable moment. All the cutscenes kind of remind me of the Kingdom Hearts’ cutscenes and the gameplay is very similar with the Action/ RPG aspect.

All in All it was fun making this cutscenes movie foe you guys and if you like it please be my guest and leave a LIKE on the video but if you didn’t like it or don’t like me for some odd reason do me a favor and DISLIKE the video. It took me multiple times to get this right since I had to deal with frame rate issues and remastering problem within Megatron’s origin story but I think I finally got it right and this will be the best movie of it thus far.

Transformers/Megatron and all it’s properties are owned and developed by Hasbro and Paramount. This video was uploaded to get the viewers to support the series by buying the comics and movies for themselves.

Sources: IDW Publishings, Transformers: Tales of the Fallen, http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Sideswipe_(Movie)
Deviant Art Users: Beriuo, Raikoh-illust, kitkeat, GoddessMechanic

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Posted on March 6, 2017 by H.A.G Entertainment

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