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Transformers The Last Knight Origins of Pax and the Omega Lock’s location possibly revealed. What’s up guys my name is RBG, and I’m back with another update regarding Transformers The Last Knight. As you’ve read by the titles I’ll be discussing the possible origins of Optimus Prime and the location of the ancient artifact that I’m assuming will be the Omega Lock. In my previous video I gave you guys my explanation why I had reason to believe that the Cybertronian artifact that was given to Merlin was the Omega Key. If you haven’t seen the video I encourage you to click away from this 1 and go check it out. Based on further digging I may have some evidence to back up my theory even further. But before we get into that I want to give a shoutout from a youtube commenter on my previous video that goes by the name “Bill Barclay.” Because they reminded me that 1 of the locations The Last Knight was filmed at may corroborate my theory. And that is the historical monument known as Stonehenge, which I have to admitt I forgot Bay was filming on location at. Yeah I know, how could I have missed that 1? But anyways, till this day this Neolithic landscape remains enshrouded in mystery. Some believed they were used for various things such as healing, and they served as burial sites. As a matter of fact the term hinge refers to any earthwork where there’s a small ditch outside an embenkment as you can clearly see in the images being displayed. It’s made up of mainly sandstones that form a rings while the inner rings are made of bluestones which are said to be the real draw to for the prehistoric people who visited. Where the blue stones comes from is even bigger mystery than the site itself. 1 of the main folk lores regarding Stonehenge would be it’s Arthurian History or in laymen’s terms, relating to stories of the Legendary King Arthur himself.

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I have reason to believe that this folklore will somehow tie into Merlin and the Omega Key’s role in TF5. According to the History of the Kings of Britain which was written by Geoffrey of Monmouth, the Stonehenge was a creation thought out by the wizard Merlin himself. The actual healing stones used to make up the monument were said to be brought over to Ireland from Africa by the Gigantes or Giants. The fifth-century King wished to make a memorial for his 3,000 soldiers who died in battle against the Saxons and wanted them to be buried at Salisbury, and at Merlin’s advice chose Stonehenge. The King would then send Merlin and 15,000 knights, to remove it from Ireland, where it had been constructed on Mount Killaraus by the Giants. They were successful in their war against the Irish but they failed in their efforts to physically move the stones. But thanks to Merlin using his quote on quote gear and skill, he was able to dismantle the stones and send them over to Brittain where Stonehenge was dedicated. So as you can see we’re looking a some possible plot elements that could tie-in with Merlin’s role in the Last Knight. If you recall I mentioned that the Cybertronian artifact was given to Merlin by an unknown Transformers so what’s not to say that the so-called Giants that brought the healing stones to Ireleand weren’t actually Transformers? As we all know Michael Bay loves to harp on the conspiracy of human contact with aliens in the Transformers films. For example the pyramids in Egypt were used for the Harvester in Revenge of the Fallen. And there were Decepticons located at the Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia in Dark of the Moon.

Posted on February 3, 2017 by H.A.G Entertainment

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