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Transformers The Last Knight Primus and the Omega Lock key plot elements? What’s up guys, RBG here! Back with another update on Transformers The Last Knight. And this is something that I wanted to put out sooner but I wanted to make sure I accumolated more info before I put in my 2 cents on what I’m gonna be speculating today. And it’s regarding who the weird looking planet we’ve been seeing in all the trailers and various TV spots. Now since I uploaded that official cast video, I’ve had an onslaught of viewers pulling their hair out at the fact that I didn’t mention Unicron at all. And I’m just gonna say this. I don’t believe it’s Unicron in the slightest based on the info I’ve gotten. And I have to set the record straight with you guys. I don’t believe in spreading false info in this community. I see a lot of you saying that’s it’s officially confirmed that the weird looking planet is in fact Unicron. But that has yet to be confirmed by any official sources. So I think we need to slow it down a bit before we draw our conclusions. As I mentioned over and over, you can’t draw conclusions based off what you think Michael Bay and his writers are gonna add in the films based off your knowledge of the series. There have been so many instances where we assume something just to be ultimately wrong. For example look at TF4 Age of Extinction. Remember how a lot of people thought Stinger was Cliffjumper based on his overall design and color? Or how we thought that grey 2014 Argosy heavy duty truck? Before his identity was revealed many assumed that he was Motormaster. That was the initial plan but Bay decided to go with Galvatron. From there we assumed that Unicron would be his creator and boy could we be no more wrong.

So as we can see a good majurity of that info has officially been confirmed while some of it is still up in the air. We know that the Autobot cast will be returning from Age of Extinction. We didn’t know that the Autobots would have a base in South Dacota though. Now this could be where Bumblebee and the newer Autobots were hiding out during the events of Age of Extinction. The 1st place we saw them reunite with Optimus was at the Monument Valley in Arizona. I thought that was where the inital base would be since it is sort of a desserted location. It would kinda be like the the Autobots headquarter in TF Prime. Hell if you ask me it would’ve been a perfect callback to the G1 location. But moving on everything else that this article mentioned is pretty spot on including Galvatron returning as Megatron, Cogman being in the film who’s now being confirmed as a Headmaster transformer, and even Squeaks the Vespa was announced before his official reveal. But here’s the actual info that I wanna disect. Where it says The Last Knight will involve Optimus Prime finding his home planet, Cybertron, now a dead planet. And he finds out he was responsible for killing it. So we finally have solid evidence describing what happened during Optimus Prime’s voyage to go meet his creators which are now confirmed to be the Quintassons. Now it’s weird that the focus would be back on Cybertron because that hasn’t been harped on since the 07 film and Dark of the Moon. It was mostly used as a plot device in TF3 where Sentinel Prime wanted to use the pillars to create a space bridge to transport Cybertron into Earth’s orbit. From there he would be able to use human slaves to use all their resources to rebuild it. But that plan wouldn’t come into fruition. As we saw Optimus would ultimately thwart Sentinals plan by destroying 1 of the pillars with Shockwave’s arm cannon. If you noticed after the spacebridge was deactivated Cybertron was already halfway through that portal.

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