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Transformers The Last Knight, is the mysterious female voice we hear in the recent Super Bowl tv Spot Solus Prime? I think I have a possible theory regarding Shadow Spark Optimus Prime & Megatron’s new look. What’s up you guys. My name is RBG and I’m back with another speculations/ analysis video regarding Transformers The Last Knight. With that said this video isn’t gonna be a breakdown of the recent TV spot we got from the Super Bowl but I’m gonna take parts that I deem important in backing up my theory. Because in my opinion it didn’t showcase things that we haven’t already seen. I’d say there were a couple of things were noting that could potentially explain a lot regarding the premise of this film. But the main things I wanna focus on are Shadow Spark Optimus Prime and Megatron’s new look. There seems to be some weird things going on between these two, and it’s be eluded to that their roles will be switched this time around. Ever since we got those weird teasers showcasing the Autobot and Decepticon Leader’s faces I wondered what the significance was. They both have this dark eerie feeling to them with the glowing purple eyes which a lot of viewers are assuming to be related to dark energon. But the thing thats striking to me the most is the weathered red paint on both their faces. Just what the hell is going on with that? Is it trying to tell us that these two are somehow linked? Like could they be working together under someone else’s orders or what? I think I have a good idea on what’s going on but I think we have to look at all the trailers we got from The Last Knight and analyze them with scenes from Age of Extinction. So it’s obvious that the Autobots have been through a lot of shit of the coarse of 10 years, and the 1 who’s endured the most out any character would have to be Optimus. The poor guy has watch so many of his fellow Cybertronians die. He’s worn and beaten and it seems like the more death he see’s the more blood thirsty he gets. I mean for the most part we’ve seen his kill count double in every film, I’d go so far to say he’s killed more than Megatron. Which I can’t blame him because although he’s given his all to protect the human’s of Earth, they have given him nothing but problems.

I’m not sure if this will be harped on in The Last Knight since it is just loose canon but since they are trying to incorporate the comics and other parts of the TF mythos I hope it will. Because this will only add more weight to Optimus’ conviction to restore Cybertron. But I don’t think they’re going to. But anyways we’re looking at an Autobot at the mercy of his obssession and unfortunately his obssession to protect the ungrateful humans led him to sacrifice his world. With all that said I would like you guys to focus your attention to Lockdown’s ship in Age of Extinction because I think that plays a key role in The Last Knight. If you remember Lockdown’s ship was like this weird Frankstein vessle because it was basically a ship that featured parts of different other ships. And 1 of the main parts that Lockdown took pride in was the Knight’s Temenos. Many people mistake that part of the ship as the enitre ship because Lockdown says it’s 1 of his prized possessions and it took him centuries to obtain it. But it’s just a portion of the Legendary Knight’s ship that serves as Lockdown’s personal prison. I mean if you look it up the term temenos literally means a piece of land marked off from common uses and dedicated to a god, a sanctuary, holy grove or holy precinct. So this piece or room was like the Inner Sanctum of the Knight Ship and was once considered sacred to the original Primes the used it to roam the universe. We get the hint that this cell use to be sacred when Lockdown reveals what it is and Optimus tells him that he’s disgraced it. The Knight’s Temenos is said to hold great power and mystery and we get a brief taste of that in the later half of TF4 where Optimus goes into the Temenos’s armory room and pulls out this Knightly longsword.

Posted on February 12, 2017 by H.A.G Entertainment

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