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Here’s my Top 10 Saddest Autobot Deaths in the Transformers movies. If there’s 1 thing I think we all can agree upon is that a sad movie death can have a lingering impact if done right. And this is something that was made apparent over 30 years ago in the 86 Transformers movie. As soon as you find yourself connecting with a character they become cannon fodder to move the plot forward. And in the case of the live action Transformers universe we found ourselves reconnecting to old faces just to see history repeat itself. What’s up guys? My name is RBG. And welcome another Transformers Top 10 video. This is something where we take the best and worst elements of the live action films and comprise them in top 10 rankings. For today’s video I wanted to present a list of the saddest Autobots deaths. Because there have been a few that have undoubtedly tugged on fan’s heart strings. It seems like that was something Michael Bay got right with each installment. As much as we may hate the way our favorite Autobot is portrayed or their design changes we eventually grow fund of them. And even miss them when they’re replaced with newer members for the sake of selling toys. But without further ado here’s a list of the top 10 Autobot deaths that kicked us in the gut and left us stunned.

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