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Unreal Engine 4 Dragon Ball Z game 2016! So this is a project that was issued to me by an awesome content creator by the name of UnrealTech! The name of this title is still in the works so it’s just simply called “Dragon Ball Project Unreal.” The Unreal Engine 4 is 1 of if not the most notably use software in the gaming industry to date. It offers a huge library of techniques that allows the developers to expand their imagination above and beyond. From proper bumo mapping to cool textures and lighting effects, this software does it all. I think that future titles of DBZ are begging to use the Unreal Engine 4 because we still haven’t seen Dragon Ball Z games taken serious to their full extent. It’s 2016 and fans need something that’s gonna get them hyped for this year and that’s why we need to support this project. Some of the big league developers who’ve decided to use the Unreal Engine 4 is the highly acclaimed Square-Enix. It was mentioned that they would be using the Luminous engine on all their future projects like they’re doing for Final Fantasy 15 but they opted out and are using the Unreal Engine 4. New Dragon Ball Z title 2016 needs to be an epic adventure or maybe even a jrpg would be nice! UnrealTech has mentioned that this title will feature online cooperative gameplay so that’s something to look forward to if anything else.

This video features a discussion on a Dragon Ball Z game release for 2016. This year is almost over with and I find it rather funny that we still haven’t gotten any announcement or talks of a new DBZ game for 2016. Since we haven’t I thought it would be fitting to sit down and give my idea on who I think should develop a Dragon Ball Z game. And the two candidates I chose are CyberConnect2 and Platinum Games Studios. Now with CC2 I’m a little in the dark about because it has been a love and hate relationship over the years with them since they don’t mind half assing it on their Naruto Storm games. Just looking at titles such as Naruto Storm you would think there would be something new they would bring to the table considering it’s being released on Next generation consoles but it looks the same. If we want a awesome Dragon Ball Z 2016 game we should express our feelings and let them know that it doesn’t just have to pertain to fighting. The series has been praised for more than it’s over the top fighting, and should be looked at for it’s story as well. Look at the Dragon Ball series, it gets shafted and put in the background while DBZ gets all the focus. I feel like CyberConnect2 could focus in on that part and extend it to Dragon Ball Z’s arc. Platinum Game studios is another choice I’ve had because they’re very good when it comes to action adventure games and their visual presentation is always on point.

Dragon Ball Z game 2016 could use that edge and Platinum is the best developers to go to. We’ve had Spike or Dimps work on DBZ games in recent years but that’s a hand full of developers. I feel like the other developers have a certain stigma towards Dragon Ball Z and don’t think they can go any further than just the fighting aspects.

Posted on January 23, 2016 by H.A.G Entertainment

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