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Will Akira Toriyama fix what Dragon Ball GT messed up. So today I wanted to give a discussion revolving around the series that should not be mentioned. Yo what’s going on DBZ enthusiests, this is your boy RBG hitting you guys up with another video and today I wanted to give you guys a video on the topic of Dragon Ball GT because even though it’s part of the brand of Dragon Ball it’s not as widely accepted as all the other lore. I know this subject has been harped on and picked at multiple times by the purists who hate it but I do believe that it’s existence helped Toriyama know what to do and what not do in expanding Dragon Ball’s universe. Many fans such as myself know that sky is the limit as to how far we can go with Dragon Ball Super and it’s catored to the community because it’s brought more engaging debates. The thing that I’ve been thinking about the most is if Dragon Ball GT will get a reboot after the Super series is over. Now some may say that it wouldn’t make since to bring it back into existence since DB Super has introduced so many elements super as the Gods and the new alternate universes. And they might even say that these elements superceed the entirety of DBGT. I somewhat agree but Dragon Ball Super’s story is more along the lines of a fill in the gap scenario that has minimal time to flesh out things before it concludes with it’s already established ending. We ultimately know how DBZ ends but we’re not sure if it’ll altered by Toriyama himself. I mean the ending of DBZ could stay the same but to have it go on without having it elaborate on the newly introduced plot elements.

In a sense Dragon Ball Super and the introduction of Super Saiyan Gods overshadow Goku’s wish of fighting Kid Buu’s reincarnation Uub. Kid Buu was the most powerful villain at the time but Goku and Vegeta have significantly blown past him. I know these things are probably gonna get fixed but I would really love to see Toriyama continue the series where he left off. It would be interesting to see what he would do with the GT series if it was completely written and illustrated by him. What the fans need is a new level of authenticy towards the brand of GT to keep the momentum going. It doesn’t even have to specifically be Dragon Ball GT in name but it still has to fill in the gaps of how Goku trained Uub after their departure. Since Dragon Ball Super is a new idea that’s being released to the world simotaneously instead of how it was in the early 90’s during the anime big bang, we’re able to be apart of the conversation. One of the key things we’ve been able to do is talk about animes shortly beofore they’ve come out and after. We’re able to find ways to provoke ideas that reach so far that it just might get to creater himself. Now I think the major things in DBGT that need to be fixed are the power levels,character development, and the villains. Although Dragon Ball Z isn’t the best at keeping up consistency with the power levels the viewers can still get a general idea of who’s the strongest and which transformation ranks the highest. In GT I found it difficult to tell the difference between Super Saiyan 1 and 2, this was irrotating because in some cases when Goku was getting bested I would wonder why he wouldn’t just go to Super Saiyan 2 instead of just waisting time in his 1st form. I mean he stated that his child body couldn’t withstand the SSJ3 transformation but that wasn’t the issue with SSJ2. It made matters worse with Gohan since his adult hairstyle is already hard to distinguish, we dunno what Super Saiyan level he taps into if we see the visible lightning aura or his hair stays black indicating that he’s in his ultimate form. It was this particular error that made the series feel tamed compared to it’s predecessor DBZ which made sure the readers new that the Z fighters were becoming stronger even without the transformations.

Posted on February 3, 2016 by H.A.G Entertainment

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