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We couldn’t find a podcast that talked about the things we enjoy talking about the way we enjoy talking about them, so we made one. High quality nerd commentary for those worthy. Tune in, juuheard. ⚡️

Geekset is an emerging collective of Blerds (Black and Hispanic Nerds) that started as a podcast reaching global notoriety by being the only place that blends Hip-Hop Culture and Geek Culture in one place. Think Comicbook Men meets Drink Champs and you have Geekset. Lead by 1 Artist, 2 Music Producers and an Engineer, Young Deuces, Bacardi, Lib and Didge have successfully become the hub to curate and combine the two. From releasing podcast episode, to delivery convention coverage, to breaking down properties, Geekset has it all.

A Podcast/Talk Show recorded live on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch talking about a wide range of topics and opinions from different points of views. A Man Cave podcast for everyone to enjoy and relate to. Real Talk for Real People. Anybody can these jokes. We have guests who showcase their work and talk about their journey. Hosted By Darius DC Chambers, Chris Fury and Courtney D.

Anime + Fanatics = ANIMATICS
Just 5 girls from London talking all things ANIME!

Two black nerds create a show for all nerds. Our show is a fun refreshing look at video games, comics, anime and other nerd interests. Throughout the show, your host, Ronell, and LJ bring on guests (everyone from local rappers to Voice actors) from all walks of life to discuss their experiences with nerd culture.

A talk show about anything nerdy but with a specialization in anime

Welcome To Stoner’s Animated Podcast. A Chill vibe to anything & everything animated. Comics, anime, movies, video games & more! Come Cyph with me.

In this weekly Anime Podcast our hosts talk through a new anime every month.

BLERDcoMIXed is a podcast about Blerd shit & Blackness from a couple of Mixed-Black blerds. Hosted by Sharmane “daBlasianBlerd” Fury & BlerdVision

The Spicy Ramen Podcast is all about anime and manga. The people you hear on this podcast are die hard black otaku’s who have finally gotten a chance to have a conversation about what they love. Updates on popular anime, some news, and interviews with interesting artists who love anime as much as we do!