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Hip-Hop, Anime & Gaming

H.A.G is a marketing and creative agency dedicated to urban nerd culture. We are backed by an amazing community of like-minded, but diverse, individuals from across the globe.

Community Highlights

Live Events

From convention meet-ups to our Throw Down Party Tour, we make and effort to connect with our community all over the county.

Virtual Events

Karaoke, trivia, game nights, anime watch parties, and more! Our community is a great way to find new friends.

Support & Opportunities

Whether you're a performer, streamer, tournament caster or have another passion or talent, we offer opportunities to help grow your skills and brand.


PS5s, Nintendo Switches, gaming headsets, gift cards...you name it! We give back to the community that has been so supportive.


Cosplay contests, cypher rap battles, dance contests, gaming tournaments, and more. A little friendly competition is always fun. Prizes are usually available as well!


Our community features countless content creators, cosplayers, musicians, writers, artists, game developers, and entrepreneurs of all sorts. Connect with them today.

Meet People with similar


Our community is shifting from Facebook to our website. While we have a sizeable community on Facebook, it will take some time to grow the community here. But you know what? No more Facebook jail and walking on eggshells. Sign up today and start discussing everything hip-hop, anime, and gaming.

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Throw Down Party Tour

We’re on hosting 18+ parties all over the USA for fans of hip-hop, anime, and game. We have vendor and performance opportunities available.
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By being strategic thinkers and trusted advisors, we help our clients reach their goals through our effective solutions.

What Our Members Say

Great community here debates get heated sometimes. But it's all fun and games here we all still get along. The group is very diverse with hip hop anime and gaming. Not everyone in here likes video games or hip hop or anime but if you like at least one if the 3 here is the place to be.
Mell Uchiha
Community member
Ran off pure l ove for the communities H.A.G stands for !!!! Keep that same energy!!!!!
ZAmun Xra
Community member
Dope community got a little bit of everything
Johanna Hernandez
Community member
H.A.G has a good community and overall good people. As the great Ghandi once said "It's a party, it's a party, it's a party!"
Rasheed Simmons
Community member
Very welcoming and fun group, there's always a cool discussion to get in on, hip hop gaming and anime pretty much everything you would want to talk about. The Admins are great and interact with the group daily, if you are into any form of art sometimes they will give you free promos and try to help you out, they put on parties for the community, there's also a discord that they stay active in if you want to go into deeper discussions on a variety of subjects pertaining to the group. I love it and always check it out when I get on fb it's a very welcoming community that you will enjoy.
Brandon Roach
Community member

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