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Devil May Cry Anime Announcement Trailer Reaction. yo what’s going on you guys it’s your boy RBG aka the random black gamer bringing you guys a reaction to the newly announced Devil May Cry anime series on Netflix now I previously made a video on this thing and shame on you guys for not turning up and turning out on that video it’s currently sitting at around 7 000 hits but it’s all good man I just made that off on a limb um apparently this thing was on the horizon and you guys could see it because Netflix was kind of alluding to it but they didn’t flat out say it it was actually done in the form of references for that drop oh one thing and I wasn’t aware of that guys like I just remembered that Addie shankara had mentioned that uh the the anime was in production last year and you know they would probably come out with something this year like an announcement or whatever so yeah man Color Me surprised that like a few days after I made that video here we are ready to see what Dante can do in this new anime and I am all excited for it man I’m all for it all excited for it all those things wrapped in one triple s’s all the way man so without further Ado I’m not gonna waste any more you guys time we’re gonna jump into this man this is gonna be my fresh reaction to this Devil May Cry so let’s do this

0:00 Intro
1:14 Devil May Cry Anime Reaction
1:53 Thoughts
10:46 Outro

#devilmaycry #reaction


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