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they’re taking optimus prime down a dark path. What’s going on guys? RBG here bringing you another update on Transformers Rise of the Beasts. Thanks largely in part to the stealthy leaks and occasional press event we’ve been able to keep a somewhat constant flow of updates to this upcoming project. A couple weeks ago Hasbro held its first-ever Ignite series for investors to display what is to come in the next couple of years. The event, among other things, saw the reveal of a new poster art for the Transformers Rise of the Beasts movie. And while they did give certain details regarding the premise and the future of the film franchise going forward. They didn’t necessarily give us any details pertaining the robot roster. That’s something that we’re desperately waiting to see in full and until we get that all we can do is sit on our hands and wait and speculate. Something that was provided at the event that aimlessly insuates who’ll make it into the movie was this low res promotional art. Which you can kinda make out what it is but due to certain aspects such as the logo you can’t really see everything such as the animal avatars that are obviously the Maximals and Predicons. But thanks to a leak on a Russian retailer site called Wildberries, we have a good idea who these characters are. Not only that but we also get our first look at Optimus Prime’s CG render for the movie which we’re gonna go ahead and analyze first.

So Hasbro is gonna keep him looking the same while adding a few alterations to sell new toys. What I will say is that this picture really isn’t indicative of what he’ll look throughout the entire movie. As you know its been highly speculated that Optimus Prime will have 2 alt modes. 1 being his classic cabover truck form and a military MAN 8×8 truck form which if true he’ll most likely obtain it near the middle or tail end of Transformers Rise of the Beasts. And this model looks very similar to the robot mode we got for that leaked alt mode toy. But if I were to take a wild guess I would say that this is his robot mode after transforming from the cabover truck. Because he has the big metal visor flap over the windshield. But the robot mode for the MAN 8×8 truck form does not. I’m kinda happy that they brought the metal plate over the wind shield back because its very reminiscent of his robot and truck mode from the first 3 Transformers films. There’s just something about those parts that make him look how he has armor going along his chest. And it sorta mimicks a collar bone. So yeah, I can’t wait to see the full body render of this guy to see other little subtle differences he has to his Bumblebee model.

0:00 Intro
0:17 A Dark Precedent
0:43 Mech Arena
2:12 Optimus Prime’s violent histor
3:53 He Shows no Mercy
6:27 Everything feels brutal
7:00 He takes pleasure in killing?
8:46 ROTB Optimus going down Dark Path
10:40 Very Dark Deleted Scene
14:29 Outro

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Posted on August 2, 2023 by H.A.G Entertainment

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