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spider-man 2 lizard. yo what’s going on you guys this is your boy RBG aka the random black gamer bringing you a special video coverage on Marvel Spider-Man 2. if you guys have been living under a rug or Patrick Star’s house I actually had the pleasure of actually going out to place Marvel Spider-Man 2 for myself so I want to give a big thank you to PlayStation and Insomniac games for allowing your boy to experience this epicness for myself and give you guys my breakdown on it now I just want to go ahead and forewarn you guys that I’m gonna be doing this in segments because there is a lot to digest obviously some of the bigger things like the gameplay the story and all the other elements they take a lot of time to cover so I want to talk about something pertaining to traversal and that is the web swinging that is something that I know a lot of people are wondering how much they have actually given to this element because obviously it’s a pre-established thing it’s something that um I feel like insomnia games put the most work into two when they came out with Marvel Spider-Man 1 and it continues to evolve over other properties like Marvel Spider-Man miles from rallies and now we have Marvel Spider-Man 2 which continues to up the ante so that is definitely something that I want to talk to you guys but first if you can do me the biggest favor and like or dislike this video yeah I know it’s annoying getting their requests at the beginning of the video but YouTube’s algorithm sort of encourages it so if you rock with your boy and you know

0:00 Intro
0:45 Bringing Something New to the Table
2:34 Keeping Up With the Modders
5:11 Insomniac Pulled it Off!
6:05 Super Fast Web Swinging!
6:31 Peter’s New Freefall Poses
7:30 The Lizard Chase Scene
9:54 Outro

#Spiderman #SpiderMan2PS5 #PS5

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