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devil may cry anime. Devil May Cry I’ve acquired these rights myself so that the jabroni’s in Hollywood can’t [ __ ] this one up too let the speculation begin you can read into that all you want come out six months later several months later one eternity later so much later that the old narrator got tired of waiting and they had to hire a new one it’s been a while and we just want to know where it at though what’s going on you guys this is your boy RBG aka the random black gamer bringing you another update video on Devil May Cry the anime yeah you ever heard that in a while have you I had to remind myself that this thing even existed and it was announced back in 2018 back when things were great it’s been a while and we just want to know where that though but before we answer these questions guys I want to ask you to be the biggest favor and leave a like or dislike on this video yeah I know it’s a bit annoying getting this at the very beginning of the video when you haven’t even watched it in this entirety but the YouTube algorithm sort of encourages it so if you arrive with your boy and you know I’m gonna read that awesome content then smash that like button but if you feel like you’ve wasted 10 minutes of your time then by all means dislike this damn video You’re a rebel you do what you want but yeah guys Devil May Cry the anime this was something that was announced all the way back in November of 2018 by the man himself Addie Shankar a talented film producer director and television showrunner who’s continued to carve a lane for himself in the Digital entertainment space

0:00 Intro
0:22 Where is it?
1:08 The Creator
2:22 The Bootleg Universe
2:49 Castlevania
5:25 Devil May Cry Anime Announcement
8:44 Its not dead?
9:31 Season 1 Script Complete
10:50 Why has it taken so long
12:53 Conclusion

#devilmaycry #netflix

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