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Its Not Looking Good For The Transformers Movie Franchise. what’s going on you guys this is your boy RBG bringing you another video on Transformers rise of the Beast and I have been dreading making this video like to be honest with you guys I did not feel like getting up to do this but I feel it is necessary because this is the future of the Transformers live action film franchise we’re talking about toy sales depend on how popular this movie is and it determines if we’ll be seeing any other movies in this same continuity because if you guys remember Michael Bay’s films they stopped being a thing since they weren’t performing well in the later years and it’s kind of crazy that we’ve gotten this far because for years the live action Transformers movie franchise was a box office Juggernaut even though they received these scathing reviews on sites like rotten tomatoes it didn’t reflect the movie’s performance at the box office the more the critics talk bad about this the more money these movies made and it kind of fed into that philosophy that the snooty critics didn’t know what they were talking about and they were out of touch and modern moviegoers are willing to consume anything as long as it has over the top accident explosions.

Michael Bay was riding high off the success of these movies and anytime he would say that he was completely done he would double back around and make another Transformers movie the first entry in the franchise made over 700 million dollars Revenge of the Fallen with all its writing issues especially during the Riders strike made over 836.5 million dollars the third film and highest grossing installment in the series Transformers Dark of the Moon grossed over 1.124 billion dollars followed up by 2014’s Transformers age of Extinction which earned 1.1 billion dollars despite having the lowest Rotten Tomato scores with a riding 35 percent and 17 respectably darker the moon and age of Extinction

0:00 Intro
0:19 Sad Truth
0:49 Bad Reviews, Great Box Office!
2:08 What Could Have Been
4:14 Overused Formula
5:49 ROTB a Box Office Flop
7:48 Lack of Consistency
12:31 Outro

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