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Transformers Arrival. Rise of the Beasts Prequal! what’s going on you guys this is your boy RBG bringing you another video on a Transformers movie have you ever wondered what it was like between the events of Bumblebee and Rise of the Beast and what exactly happened to all the other members of the team that arrived on earth compared to the number we got in Rise of the Beast well we’re about to answer those questions so stay tuned but yeah guys the Transformers movie franchise continues Full Speed Ahead even though we haven’t seen the big box office numbers like we’ve seen in the yesteryears of the film franchise fans are still speculating on what we’ll be seeing next could we be seeing a continuation of the Beast Farmers or will we be seeing another solo film similar to bumblebee because now that hasra has made it a point to just try to do everything they can with the Transformers brand the possibilities are endless somewhere they can go with this and it just doesn’t include the actual big name companies like Paramount it also includes The Talented fans who have taken it upon themselves to provide all these layers of details that the bigwigs missed out on like that’s always been my problems with the

This title Transformers arrival and it’ll give some explanation on stuff that was poorly done in Rise of the Beast like what the Transformers were up to shortly after they arrived on Earth and it’ll introduce characters that didn’t make the cut in Rise of the Beast one of the First characters that everybody’s been asking for since the Inception of these live action movies is Ultra Magnus this iteration of the character will be serving as the autobot commander and he’ll have two alt modes consisting of a cybertronian truck and a man cat 8×8 tanker I’ve been wanting to see this guy up in a film for a long long time I feel like if they can create Optimus Prime and live action it should be in quite honestly a simple task to do with this other character that’s very similar to Optimus Prime I’m not sure why Paramount and Hasbro is so reluctant to pull the trigger and make this guy into an actual thing that we can actually see on the big screen but hey this is a good start and hopefully it inspires them to actually put them there but the next character we have on this list that I’ve been asking to see since 2007

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0:00 Intro
0:38 Where Are We Going?
1:00 Talented Fans Feel in the Gaps
5:34 What Happened Between Bumblebee & ROTB
6:14 Transformers Arrival
6:46 Cast Robots
11:54 Outro


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Posted on August 12, 2023 by H.A.G Entertainment

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