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Transformers Reactivate Beast Wars Characters. Major update & more! What’s going on guys? RBG here bringing you more coverage on Transformers Reactivate. Its relatively quiet in terms of actual updates from the developers and Hasbro. But you guys know I’m making it a point to bring you some awesome new details just to keep the momentum going. Like there’s just something about this project that has my complete gameplay reveal and total interest. There are just so many questions I have. Such as what was going on in the wake of this devestating attack that’s left the Earth and its inhabitants in ruin. And how are the Autobots and Decepticons gameplay reveal gonna work in tandom with 1 another to stop this new enemy known as the Legion. There’s a lot of stuff we wanna know. But anways guys before we dive into it I gotta ask that you thumbs up the video. Yeah I know its annoying getting this request at the very beginning of the video. But YouTube’s algorithm sorta encourages it. So if you rock with your boy and you know I’m gonna bring you that fire content then smash that Like button. And if by any chance you make it to the end of the video and you felt like you wasted your time, then feel free to take that Like back and give it a dislike. Just do me a favor and rate the video. But yeah guys

They already have a new live action movie trilogy planned with Rise of the Beasts serving as the starting point. They’ve got shows such as Earthspark airing on Paramount Plus. And with the recent announcement of Transformers Reactivate which looks to be a triple A title, its clear that they mean serious business. Which if you ask me has been a longtime coming. We’ve been wanting to see this franchise go back to the days where we have ambitious games that’ll keep us playing for years. Like the Transformers community is 1 of those communities who doesn’t ask for much. We just want a title that at least is on the same level of the Cybertron games, TF Devastation, and PS2 Armada game we got all those years back. I mean its crazy to think we only have a hand full of Transformers games that are actually good.

0:00 Intro
0:18 Where Are the Updates?!
3:15 Will Being a Live Service Kill It?
5:29 Beast Wars Cast Confirmed?
7:12 The Multiverse
10:43 Outro


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Posted on August 20, 2023 by H.A.G Entertainment

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