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Mission Statement

To foster an inclusive community revolving around an appreciation of hip-hop, anime and gaming in which fans and brands may connect in a meaningful way. By bringing forth information, resources, entertainment, and opportunities, we strive to be the leading platform that brings about a positive and unmatched impact in our members’ and clients’ lives. Through innovation, thought leadership, passion, hard work, and resilience we are committed to the continued growth of our community, brand, and those of our partners.

As a long-time semi-professional gamer, Lo Cunningham wanted to turn his passion into a meaningful endeavor. He spent his early twenties pursuing various gaming-related business ventures including COD College, a program where he provided professional, one-on-one mentoring and training for aspiring eSports athletes, and Surge XP, a program that provided mental health resources and counseling for gamers. Unfortunately, none of these ventures got off of the ground. However, Lo was determined to find something that worked. On an evening in June 2018, he decided to blend his favorite three forms of entertainment together in a single community and thus “The Official Hip-Hop/Anime/Gaming Community” was formed.

Having always had the vision that the community would be business-oriented, Lo set out on a path to strategically position the pursuit for success. In August 2018 he connected with April Bowler, another long-time gamer and avid video game streamer at the time. A partnership was formed and the company, H.A.G Entertainment LLC, was formally established.

Being back by a supportive and enthusiastic community, H.A.G Entertainment has matured into a marketing and event management agency. Community engagement is still a very important focus as without our community, we would have no customers nor be able to offer any leads to our clients. From our virtual karaoke, game nights, and trivia to our in-person parties and meetups, the community behind H.A.G is passionate about connecting with others, sharing their love with hip-hop, anime, and gaming, and continuing to see our brand progress. We are fortunate to have so many community members that have joined our team in a more dedicated capacity from helping to run tournaments to organizing anime watch parties.

Meet Our Team


Erik "Lo" Cunningham

Founder and CEO

Serial entrepreneur, Lo always wanted to turn his passions into reputable brands. His other ventures include SurgeXP, a mental health resource for gamers, and COD College, a professional training bootcamp for aspiring Call of Duty competitors.


April Bowler

Co-Founder and COO

April’s diverse creative skill set, professional project management experience, people skills, and love for video games makes her an ideal visionary and leader. She has an affinity towards technology, programming, automation, and digital transformation.