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This is my 1080p HD Movie/ All Cutscenes of Batman Arkham Origins on the PC using max settings with the PHYSX settings in high. So the long awaited, highly anticipated Batman game is here with a huge face lift this time around if I might add. Batman Arkham Origins is a prequel based off of the Arkham franchise, it follows a young Bruce Wayne who’s eager to set things right in the corrupt city of Gotham. Better said than done, when it comes to starting your career off things tend to be a little rough at the beginning. There are multiple assassins who Batman hasn’t gotten acquainted with just yet, so there’s a little room for him to grow in this game.

Batman Arkham Origins and all its cutscenes are a beautiful step forward in my opinion, they do a good job of immersing the viewers and put them directly in the driver’s seat to control the younger, hot headed Batman. It quite difficult capturing all the cutscenes in their definitive version and making them into 1 epic cutscene movie. I had to go out of my way to buy a AverMedia Live Gamer Portable to get everything extra crisp and save of Hard Drive space on the fly.

Batman Arkham Origins features a good variety of gameplay mechanics, taking from old gimmicks of previous installments and mixing in its own blend of spices in with it. I can say that 1 of my favorite gameplay mechanics would have to be the revamped shock gloves that were once used in the Arkham City Armored Edition. Another thing that sets this game and all its cutscenes from the rest is that this game not only uses ingame cutscenes but it also uses FMV cutscenes as well when there’s a lot of detail that needs to be presented. All Batman Arkham Origins cutscenes did a great job of displaying the different real time elements. It really shows how powerful the PC and PHYSX engine really is and it makes me anxious to see what the future has in store for the newer installments.

I really hope you guys enjoy this PC version of Batman Arkham Origins which includes all cutscenes with gameplay.

Posted on November 8, 2013 by H.A.G Entertainment

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