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Transformers 6 follow-up to The Last Knight announced and Bumblebee 2 in the works. I do a prediction on the robot cast and explain exactly what’s going on with the continuity. What’s up guys? RBG here, hitting you with a video on the future of the Transformers films. I know you guys were wondering when I was gonna make a video on the current state of the Transformers cinematic universe. Because it’s constantly going through changes and different announcements. 1 minute Paramount’s saying that Bumblebee exist in the same continuity of the Bay-verse, and the next minute they’re saying it’s the start of a new cinematic universe. So we’re gonna talk about that and what you should look forward to with future installments. Just wanna say congradulations to the latest Bumblebee bluray giveaway winner, Kablam zowie. Please go to the about section of my channel for my email and send your contact details. So as you know everyone’s wondering exactly what is going on with the direction of the Transformers film-verse. After the positive reception and overall success of Bumblebee we were sure that the franchise was getting back on the right track. Which probably isn’t saying much because we’ve only had 1 other good film that made the future look bright. And we saw how that ultimately turned out in later sequels. Like I can honestly say that if those sequels had a good track record then Bumblebee’s film would’ve made more than it did. It basically paid for the sins of the Bayverse and ended up missing out on joining the billion dollar club. But let’s go back down memory lane before the live action films became an actual thing and still were in development. I know we love to point fingers at Michael Bay for how awfully bad the films are but he’s essentially the apprentice to the Sith Lord. Lorenzo di Bonaventura is really the 1 who should be getting some of the blame. Because he was the 1 making most of the decisions. And his original idea was to make all of the transformers, the Autobots and the Decepticons invade Earth.

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Posted on April 5, 2019 by H.A.G Entertainment

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