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Bumblebee movie. Possibly setting up Optimus Prime solo movie? And takes place of Cybertron. trailer 2018, youtube bumblebee movie, story, movie details, history, origins explained, movie, new transformers youtube, setting, film. What’s up Transformers enthusiasts? My name is RBG and welcome to another Bumblebee The Movie update video. It’s been rougly over a month since we got the teaser trailer which has been generating mostly favorable opinion. I’m still blown away by how well this new direction has been going. Especially considering how anything live action Transformers movie tends to garner a negative stigma nowadays. Just looking at the busy designs of the Bay bots and the constant use of humans kinda makes you wanna roll your eyes. But as I mentioned in the last video this new 1 has a certain level of charm and simplicity compared to the other entries. It feels like the writing team is following a similar formula of the IDW G1 comics where each Transformer can each get a solo film. Kinda like the “Spotlight” comics that go deeper into the origins of the characters. This could save them a lot of money because they could tie in 3 additional characters in each solo film. As opposed as to trying to squeeze in as many bots as possible. But anyways the well of information has finally started to leak out more news on this movie that looks to be a huge love letter to G1 fans. A few weeks ago EW gave a behind the scenes interview with Bumblebee the movie’s producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura. He’s basically the guy who’s shepherded the Transformers franchise since the first live-action movie in 2007. Now I’m sure that plenty of other uploaders in the TF community have probably covered this but I know you guys love hearing my thoughts on these kinds of things. It’s a pretty long artical so I’ll do my best to condense it and sort of interject to give my opinion. But without further ado let’s get right into it. The upcoming Bumblebee film is radically changing the look and feel of this saga about shapeshifting alien robots, drawing inspiration from the humble 1980s Hasbro toy and cartoon and aiming for more heart than bombast.


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